Thursday, May 22, 2008

We all need a shower...

I feel like this has kind of been a "germ-filled" week for us. I feel like all I have done is clean things up or get the "shout" out for another stain . Ellie often times doesn't remember to go to the potty and just goes wherever. Today, I just started to laugh about our week probably because I'm going out tonight with Mike and won't have to clean anything up for 3 whole hours! Today, my play group met at a park/nature area... The playground was really busy with a group of kids on a field trip. We could not keep track of all our little 2 year olds and Anna was getting fussy in the stroller. We decided to take them on a walk through the nature area which has a  paved path. It was so nice and we all felt better in the shade. However, it was really humid and windy this morning. We were all sweating, but the kids were much happier walking on their adventure. We stopped off by a creek and Ellie was all about throwing rocks in the water. We were there for awhile and then decided to keep walking on the path. We knew it looped all the way around back to the playground. We take off and it ends up being really long at least for 6 toddlers and 4 mommies. We walk for a long time and towards the end many melt-downs were happening etc....The sippy cups were empty etc... Ellie stops at a rock and I see something trickle down her leg. She had her first adventure of using the potty in nature. I have to admit I was kind of proud of her. She then proceeds to pick up dog poo (yuck) and Anna is ready to take a nap. We make it back to the car and are all starving cause it is almost 1:00. I try and think where we could go that would be fast. I decide to go for pizza cause it was a buffet and it will be fast. Ellie decides to go again at our booth. I'm thinking oh well we are almost home and we can all take a nap! They are sleeping hard and I'm excited about going out tonight with Mike so a  long morning ended well.  I want to remember all the stains I have cleaned this week for the future so here's the list:
3 times in the carseat
1 time on the bathroom floor and then Ellie decided to splash in the "water"
1 time at pizza inn
1 time on our chair and ottoman
1 time on the nature trail
crayon on the fireplace
lipstick out of my purse all over the face
Anna found a fun ink pen to write on herself

I really do pay close attention to the girls! It has just been an interesting week! Have a fun night!


Tasha Via said...

Awww, I'm so sorry. Hopefully "This too shall pass"...QUICKLY!!!=) Have fun tonight

Kelly Via said...

Sounds like fun:) I was just thinking this morning about how hard the potty training phase is...It really is tough! I hope you have a great date night! It's date night for us too!

the broomes said...

We had much needed date night last night as well!!! ...I so know what you mean about all the messes and the kids getting into everything. Both of my kids still put so much in their mouths that it really is exhausting some days! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

The Oakes said...

playing in the puddles...that sounds so fun. im sure the two of them will get in a lot of trouble together!

Katrina said...

Yikes...not ready for the potty training days. Hope that it is going better and you are having a cleaner week this week! See you Wednesday :)