Friday, May 30, 2008

Good times.....

We are in Colorado for our Watermark's family camp that begins tomorrow, but we came a few days early to visit our friends Trevor and Cassie .
We've had so much fun and it has been great to see our kids together. We met them when we lived in VA and Trevor worked at another church in Charlottesville. We both had very few couple friends and we instantly connected. Ellie and Ellis are about 3 months apart and they have a baby girl who is close to Anna's age. I will have to post a picture cause when we go out it looks like we have two sets of twins. Trevor now works at a great church in the suburbs of Denver. It is so nice to see mountains and snow. I've always loved Colorado and the culture. I feel like I need to put my teva's on and have a nalgene bottle with me! We are excited for camp that will be in Estes Park and I know our girls will have a great time. I'm sure it will be so fun all sleeping in the same room for a week, but we will survive! I will try and post some pictures at some point. I know I am enjoying not being in the 100 degree temperature. We are going to Boulder tonight for dinner and because we've always wanted to go there. We love college towns and they always have great restaurants. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Baptism Day!!!

I've watched this video 5 times now and I get a little teary eyed everytime I watch it. There is an amazing story behind every person you see getting baptized. The last person you see was addicted to Heroine for years and came to Christ at Watermark. He's clean now and is loving every minute of his new life. One other quick note, Steve Vanderheide our video guy at Watermark put this together (shot it, edited it). He is AMAZING!!!

Baptism Spring 08 from Steve V on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

$2 for two Britax carseats....

I am so excited cause both girls are now riding in Britax Carseats! I've never liked Ellie's for numerous reasons. The straps are always getting twisted or the seatbelt buckles pinch her legs etc... I found Anna's at a garage sale for $2. I took the cover off which is super easy and washed it. It looks brand new and I have always loved it. I've dealt with Ellie's even though I was constantly annoyed at it! Tonight, my next door neighbor brought over her daughter's that she doesn't use anymore and asked me if I wanted it? I don't think she knew how much it blessed me. It is also super cute with a leopard print. I recommend anyone to pay the extra money and get one. It is so worth it and they are super safe. Our summer travels just got a lot more easy!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Our Memorial Day Weekend...

This weekend we found our town's best kept secret; the swimming pools. There's one down the street and we spent a good portion of the weekend there. They have this amazing splash park that both our kids enjoy and it's separate from the normal pool so we don't have to worry about them drowning. The other plus for me and mom is that we get to just chill there in the lounge chairs and watch the kiddos. Some serious sabbath was had this weekend! I took Ellie by myself tonight; we stayed until 9:00 p.m. when they closed, and there was hardly anyone there. Here's a pic...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Must Read.....

I was so encouraged by this post and I encourage you all to read it fully..... Amazing and just what I needed to read. You can go back and read all of her posts and then it will make much more sense, but have some tissue ready..... Click here to read it now!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We all need a shower...

I feel like this has kind of been a "germ-filled" week for us. I feel like all I have done is clean things up or get the "shout" out for another stain . Ellie often times doesn't remember to go to the potty and just goes wherever. Today, I just started to laugh about our week probably because I'm going out tonight with Mike and won't have to clean anything up for 3 whole hours! Today, my play group met at a park/nature area... The playground was really busy with a group of kids on a field trip. We could not keep track of all our little 2 year olds and Anna was getting fussy in the stroller. We decided to take them on a walk through the nature area which has a  paved path. It was so nice and we all felt better in the shade. However, it was really humid and windy this morning. We were all sweating, but the kids were much happier walking on their adventure. We stopped off by a creek and Ellie was all about throwing rocks in the water. We were there for awhile and then decided to keep walking on the path. We knew it looped all the way around back to the playground. We take off and it ends up being really long at least for 6 toddlers and 4 mommies. We walk for a long time and towards the end many melt-downs were happening etc....The sippy cups were empty etc... Ellie stops at a rock and I see something trickle down her leg. She had her first adventure of using the potty in nature. I have to admit I was kind of proud of her. She then proceeds to pick up dog poo (yuck) and Anna is ready to take a nap. We make it back to the car and are all starving cause it is almost 1:00. I try and think where we could go that would be fast. I decide to go for pizza cause it was a buffet and it will be fast. Ellie decides to go again at our booth. I'm thinking oh well we are almost home and we can all take a nap! They are sleeping hard and I'm excited about going out tonight with Mike so a  long morning ended well.  I want to remember all the stains I have cleaned this week for the future so here's the list:
3 times in the carseat
1 time on the bathroom floor and then Ellie decided to splash in the "water"
1 time at pizza inn
1 time on our chair and ottoman
1 time on the nature trail
crayon on the fireplace
lipstick out of my purse all over the face
Anna found a fun ink pen to write on herself

I really do pay close attention to the girls! It has just been an interesting week! Have a fun night!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Was this really just last year?

Anna May 07
We've grown up a lot since last year

I found these pictures from our vacation to the OBX (Outer Banks, NC) last year. The girls have changed so much in one year. I look back to those times and think we've done a lot since last year. Anna is now a toddler and Ellie is a great big sister. I kind of wish I was at the Outer Banks today with our family. It was a wonderful vacation and perfect timing as we moved a couple months later. I am so glad we got to experience one of my favorite places in the U.S. for a whole week in Duck, NC!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life this week...

I don't really have much to post, but it has been a pretty good week so far. Here are some highlights:
* Ellie is pull-up free this week except for bedtime. She has been wearing them everywhere and has done pretty well! She has told me twice in the car that "the car-seat is yucky"! However, it was because she had held it to long while I was doing errands. It has been interesting taking them into public places cause I have to hold onto Ellie while she goes potty and Anna is touching everything. It is a whole new world!
* It was 95 degrees here yesterday so we got the baby pool out and went out twice yesterday. It was really fun and nice to get some sun. I'm sure I will be sick of it come October.
* I had some friends over this morning who all have babies around Anna's age. It was fun to see them all start walking and playing together.
* Ellie has "fifths disease" don't worry it is no biggie. We all have it at some point and most of you had it as a child. It is where they get "red cheeks" and a little rash on their necks and arms. She got it most likely from another little girl. Once you get the rash you are not contagious so I am guessing that Anna will have a little rash soon since they share everything.
* We are so excited about AI tonight and hope David Cook wins it all. I really like David A. as well. I just would rather listen to David Cook in my car.
* We are leaving for CO next week for our church's family camp in Estes Park. It is going to be so fun and I know the girls will love being in the mountains.
* We have 3 plane trips in June. The last one I do by myself and I am already dreading that one. I've never been one of those moms who say "my children travel so well" cause they do not enjoy any form of travel except for whenever we get off the plane or out of the car.
* "Dan in Real Life" was so good and you all should rent it if you haven't seen it. We both really liked it and Mike said he even liked it better than "Iron Man" which he saw the night before.
* Mike and I get to go out on Thursday night and even have a free baby-sitter which is even better! I'm already looking forward to Thursday and the time we will get to spend together.

Have a great afternoon...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Long Day....

We're tired and it has just been one of those days that was long in toddler world. Anna is teething really bad. She has only been this way 2 other times and she was teething both times so I know that is the problem. She is so fussy and has a low grade fever. She basically just wants me to hold her all day.  We've had to end up taking a short drive at night time to pass the time away for bedtime. She loves to ride with the windows rolled down. We are both exhausted tonight and put the girls to bed early. I have so much house work to do, but I putting it off till tomorrow. We just rented "Dan in Real Life". I've heard great things about it and need a break! Good Night!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Life of Anna....

I've been telling Mike that it seems like in the last month or so that Anna has gone from baby to toddler over night. She seems to add new things to what she can do every day. She is a tiny thing, but she is sure full of courage and no fear. I can already see how she is like Ellie and how she is so different. She is 15 months and now weighs 18 lbs. However, she is on the growth chart for height. She seems bigger than Ellie for sure even though their weight is similar. Her little feet are not so narrow and she wears clothes that are not far off of her age. I think Anna might be our "stong-willed" child. She wants to try everything which I am learning that life is easier sometimes cause most the time she can figure it out. When I restrain her she sure does have a little temper, but she responds so sweetly to me after I have to discipline her. Here are some of the things she has picked up lately:
She is now saying in her own little language that I for sure understand: Water, Baby, Bye Bye, Hi, Ball, Drink, MINE (new this week), Doggy, Ducky, Sissy, Mama (new last week), Daddy (her first word), Play, Bottle, and Diaper

She wants to feed herself most of the time now although she hasn't quite picked up how to use a spoon. She doesn't eat very much unless she really likes it which is any fruit. She loves to drink anything and really likes it when we are out and I give her a cup with a straw in it.

She can now climb up on our fire place mantle and stand up. She also climbed all the way to the top of the play area at chick-fil-a today and went down the twisty slide. Ellie and our other friend Anna Kate who was there with us do not like to do this and they are almost 3!

She is all about running and playing. She doesn't like to sit still for a minute. She had never watched any TV show or let me read her an entire book. She is very creative and loves her toys. She will go strong from 8-1:30 or so and then crashes from 1:30-4:30 or 5:00! She has always been an incredible sleeper. She takes after me on that area! 

She loves soft things and would love to have a blankie if I would give her one! I just don't want to keep up with it or take it on trips. When she gets really tired she will find anything on the floor like a pair of soft pj pants and cuddle up next to it. She loves to suck her thumb in bed and hold onto a blanket. My mother-in-law and Aunt K will know who also loved to do this when going to sleep!

She loves Ellie and they have a very special bond. They spend all day together and share a room most nights.  I love it that they are so close even after they fight over the same toy or Ellie pushes her down. Anna is starting to hold her own that is for sure.

I love little Anna and can't imagine what God has planned for her. She has so much energy and determination. I hope I can always be creative in letting her use it and not hold her back. She is a sweet little girl who is very much a mama's girl. She just seems to be growing up so much!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Can I freeze time?...

I had the best Mother's Day. I love this day cause it is in May and not in December after Christmas like my birthday. Mike was so sweet and really thought everything out. We made it to early church which we rarely do so that we would have most of the day. Mike had Shoreline last night so we wanted to have time after church to do something. We went to Boston Market cause there was no way I was going to face Mother's Day crowds with our two toddlers! We decided to go to the Dallas Arboretum which is a botanical garden similar to Duke Gardens for all my Carolina readers. It is much larger than Duke Gardens and it was beautiful. I tried to put the girls in somewhat matching outfits so we could get some good pictures. They had so much fun running around in the fields of flowers and exploring all the neat little houses. I told Mike I wish I could freeze time so that they will always be wearing cute dresses and hair bows. The picture of Anna running is what she loves to do now. She is so fast and strong. Today, she figured out how to open the door handle. My life is getting more interesting every day! I did pray for all my friends yesterday who have experienced loss this year. I could not stop thinking about you all and know that yesterday must have been difficult for you all. I've had 2 friends experience their baby dying in the past year. One was stillborn and the other died shortly after birth. I've had at least 5 friends have miscarriage and they've all encouraged me to enjoy every day with my children. You are all such incredible examples of God's grace and mercy. He has given you all such strength to move forward with such hope. I hope you've all had a great Monday! I look forward to reading all your blogs this week!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ellie is the CUTEST!

Take a few minutes and check this video out, Ellie is the best!!!

Vida Loca! Volunteer Appreciation Night!

The staff performing "La Vida Loca"
My favorite Alamo Guy!
Mike, Bode and David! Ole'!

We had such a fun night last night! Watermark does a volunteer appreciation night every other year where all the volunteers from every ministry are honored. The theme was an Alamo/Cantina night. We ate yummy mexican food outside with a live mariachi band and hung out with friends. Then we went inside where all the volunteers were entertained by the staff doing their version of "La Vida Loca"! It was hilarious and Mike was so thankful he was in the back during the dance. Then we had a hilarious stand-up comedian guy tell us all kinds of funny jokes for 45 minutes. It was a great night even for the kids as they were in child-care till 10:00 P.M.! We are so thankful for our church and how good it was to laugh together!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Our trip to Arkansas!

Nana and Papa with the girls!
They have so much fun together!
Pop with his great-granddaughters
I got to see my good friend Marilyn
Ellie and cousin Avery

We just got back from a trip to Arkansas. We went to celebrate my grandpa's 80th birthday. We had a great party with lots of friends and family. I got to see some great friends and the girls go to play with their cousins. They all have so much fun together and get along really well. They were exhausted every night and I think we are all still recovering. We had a great time with my family and it was nice to be back in my old home state!

Friday, May 2, 2008

You have to watch this video...

Service Day from Watermark Student Ministries on Vimeo.
Two sundays ago our church didn't meet in our normal building. We (about 12 busses full) went out and served all over Dallas. It was amazing, take 2 minutes and watch this, you'll be blessed!