Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blue Lightning...

Ellie and her teammates
Poor Mary.. It has been so windy at the games.
Silly Ellie.. she's happy to be there!

Ellie is on her first soccer team this year through our city parks and rec. Mike is the coach and doing a great job. Our team is the blue lightning and since Ellie's favorite color is blue it works out great. The arrange the teams according to your neighborhood school so all of the kids live close to us. Most of them speak spanish and Mike is not quite sure how much they understand. They are such sweet kids and it has been a fun season so far. Ellie thinks they have one every game and that she scores 3 goals. We have a few more games so I will have to get some on video.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Past Spring Breaks....

Well, our spring break plans for this year are pretty much nothing and I am a little sad. I love spring break and always did something in college and when we were first married. We do have a really fun April and May planned so I keep thinking about these upcoming trips!
I think when I was a college student or teacher I needed spring break so much. I remember being so burnt out and longing to just lay on the beach and do nothing. I doubt I will be doing much of that this week with my 3 energetic girls! Anyways, I was thinking back to all the fun trips I was able to go on in the past and wanted to see if I could remember them all!
Freshman year of college: Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. My track team at Arkansas went there and I was in awe. They have the best weather and everything was so nice. I remember getting to do a little shopping and eating yummy food after the meet.
Sophomore year: Southern California for the Mount Sac Relays. It was another track meet and we went to the beach after.
Junior Year: Naples, Florida with two friends. We drove from Northwest Arkansas to Southern Florida in her old honda accord. It was like 23 hours or some length of time. We did not stop overnight and got to stay at her grandmother's old beach house.
Senior Year: Destin, Florida with a whole group of people from SBU. We rented a nice beach house and had an awesome time. It's funny cause Mike was in Orlando at Disney with his family and I remember us talking on the phone some.

Married Life:
Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA on a trip when we lived in Raleigh, NC. I love both of these cities so much and they are beautiful during the spring.
Myrtle Beach, SC was another great trip with Mike and it was really close to Raleigh.
Williamsburg, VA and Washington D.C. with Mike. It was full of history and culture. We loved going to both of these cities for the first time.

Married life with kids:
Well, the spring break trips have kind of ended:) We normally, go somewhere in July or with family now cause it is not really a break with 3 kids. It is nice to have some extra hands!
However, last year we went to the KOA outside of Dallas. It was hilarious cause I was very pregnant with Mary and we rented this tiny cabin. We left at 2:30 in the morning cause neither of us could sleep and the kids were coughing all night. It did not feel like camping cause we were right off of a major interstate in Dallas.

Dallas will be very busy this week cause people from small towns in TX and OK drive to Dallas to shop, go to six flags, museums, zoo, etc... We have some fun stuff planned with friends so I am sure it will be a nice week where we do not have to be anywhere by 9:30 A.M..
What was your favorite spring break trip?!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Love Her!

I decided to get the camera out to snap a few pictures of this cutie after church on Sunday. I am so glad that I did cause I know I will treasure these precious pictures in the future. Mary is 9 months old and changing everyday. She is sooo happy and full of life! She's laid back for the most part, but really loves anyone to interact with her. She lights up when her sisters talk to her and smiles great for the camera! She is such a doll and we love her so much!

Monday, March 1, 2010

yummy food....

Mary is loving food lately and lots of it! She likes fruit baby food, but no veggies. I can't blame her... green bean baby food is yucky. She does like real veggies and tonight she enjoyed some mashed potatoes and peas/carrots.
Today, I gave her a cheerio and she picked some up to put in her mouth. I'm pretty excited we have some more options since she is still anti-bottle at 9 months. We love this girl!

Lake Weekend!!!

We went to the lake this past weekend with some good family friends. We were blessed to be able to use a families lake house and it was so fun! It really was a perfect weekend. All the kids got along and we had so much fun. I've known Katrina since we first moved here. I was able to join her play group and through church etc.. we've been friends ever since. Ellie is 9 months older than Carsen and Anna is 9 months younger. Their little boy Canon is such a cutie as well. Ellie and Carsen shared a bottom bunk together and all 3 girls shared a room. Ellie said the bunk beds were her favorite part. Mike and Simon enjoyed lots of adventures together like 4 wheelers, Rhino truck, ping pong, and a campfire with the big girls. I stayed at home quite a bit with Mary which was great with me. She enjoyed her sleep and is such a good traveler. It was such a nice break after a busy February!
Good times at the dinner table with 5 kids under 4!
Our attempt at a family picture
Simon and Katrina with their great kids!
Daddy and his 3 girls including Shadow.
Ellie and Carsen. Sweet girls and friends!
Love this picture

Sweet sisters on a hike to the top of a "mountain".
Anna and Carsen... sweet girls!
Daddy fell asleep a little early....
A yummy dinner at the Steak Shed. It is only open on Friday and Saturday nights from 6-9!
Mary at dinner... she loves all food!
rocking on the front porch
We had a fun campfire!