Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Recap!

I don't want to forget this Christmas cause it was so fun with two sweet little girls. We had a great week prior with Mike being off work. Watermark takes off the week after Christmas, but since Mike is on a ski trip the student ministry team took off the week before Christmas. We had such a great week just hanging out at home. We got so much done around the house and laughed lots. Our girls were both in really good moods/behavior so it made for a great week! We are now back to working on obeying and all that fun stuff! Here are some highlights:
* Christmas Eve service at Watermark was awesome. I think Mike and I have talked about it so much and what a celebration of Jesus birth we had with our church family!
* I loved hearing Ellie talk and sing about Jesus' birthday. She is totally into singing all the songs she knows so we hear the same 10 or so lots each day!
* Spending time with my whole family in Arkansas.
* We were so blessed with amazing gifts from our family! Thanks so much!
* Anna really likes presents and loved to open them. It was really fun to see her get so excited.
* Ellie saying "one more present, please"
* Anna's favorite present was this crazy purse that holds little puppies. I saw it for her at Wal-Mart and she would not let go of it. She loves to carry anything in her hand and becomes quickly attached to whatever that item of the day might be!
*Ellie's favorite present was art supplies or the fishing game where there are tons of plastic fish that open their mouths. She has a little plastic pole to try and catch them . They also got a fun Dora tent, but we haven't set it back up in the house!
*Yummy food! We ate so much and enjoyed it way to much. My dad always gets a honey baked ham from a customer as a gift so we have it for Christmas dinner. It is so good. Mike and I also went to AQ Chicken in AR. It is a really popular Chicken restraunt in AR that is soooo good. They always cater to the President when one happens to visit AR which is about once every four years.
* We saw the movie "Seven Pounds". It was really intersting and I really liked it. Will Smith is becoming one of the actors where I want to see all of his movies. Mike also saw "Valkerie" and he said it was awesome.

Mike is now in CO on a ski trip with the high-school ministry. My mom is here with me and we've been busy here. She's helping me organize all the kids clothes. I so wish I knew if this one was a boy or girl cause it would make my process a lot easier. I find out January 15th and I am so excited. I am starting to really show now, but am still feeling good. I am so thankful to be healthy and not in any pain.
I hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tis The Season......

We had many attempts this year at the "perfect" Christmas family picture and it just didn't happen. Ellie was totally into it, but Anna would not sit still for a minute and then on the second attempt she wouldn't let go of her blankie so I could only get her from her neck up! I got some good individual ones, but not to many family ones. I still like our cards as we used some other pictures from earlier in the year. I can't even imagine with three little ones next year!
I am now 16 weeks and just went to the doctor this past week. The apptmt. went great and I am feeling good. I thought I would have gained at least 4 pounds or so, but only 1/2 pound. I think it was a good day! I have been enjoying my Christmas food to say the least. We've had lots of fun parties to go to and they are all over with now. We are staying in town for Christmas Eve service at Watermark and then we are off for a few days to my grandpa's house. We are looking forward to it! I am so glad we are not flying anywhere this year. I am exhausted just thinking about it and our fun Christmas present this year is we got a mini-van! I am so excited and love it. Our pilot would not hold 3 car seats and the van is perfect. We looked for a long time and finally found a great deal and what we wanted. We went with the Honda Odyssey. It has so many mom features that make life so much easier. My favorite has to be the automatic sliding doors where all I have to do is push a button. I was also able to fit my whole high school girls small group in it tonight which was nice. Anyways, we have a fun week ahead and I am excited to celebrate Christmas with the girls. Ellie sings Happy Birthday Jesus so cute. I will post it on video soon!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Ellie's first performance!

Ellie had her first performance on Wednesday night with her preschool. She loved it and they did such a great job! They sang Jingle Bells and Happy Birthday Jesus. She knows all the words and sings them all the time. It was so fun to watch her! We are so thankful for their school and it has been such a blessing this year.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Busy Times....

I am doing a quick update before we're off tomorrow. We leave for NYC in the a.m. for Mike's brothers graduation. We are so excited for him and to see all the family. The girls will be in GA at my parents house. We had such a great Thanksgiving and were so thankful to be able to spend it with my family. We have traveled so much lately and this will be the last flight for awhile. The girls have flown 3 times in one month. It is still never easy and you never know how it going to go! I am watching The Rockefeller Christmas show in NYC that is on t.v. tonight. I am so excited to go to the city during Christmas time. I really don't know what to expect since we have never been before. I will take lots of pictures and update when we get home. I really need to get to work on the Christmas Card pictures, but it will have to wait!

I am feeling really good! I am 14 weeks today and time is flying by that is for sure. We will find out the gender in January. I would love for him to do an u.s. at our next appointment (16 weeks), but it is doubtful. He's super nice though so you never know. Mike is really busy preparing for a ski trip that is over New Years and trying to stay healthy for his marathon that is on December 14th. He did 24 miles a couple of weeks ago and it went well. However, his knee has been pretty sore since he did that run. He's kind of had to take it easy the past couple of days. I know he will do great and I can't wait to cheer him on.
Anyways, I hope you are all doing awesome and I'm sure you are all busy with the Christmas season. More soon!