Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Am I that old??

So tonight we went to the mall to look for me a new swimsuit. I remind you the past two summers I have been pregnant so I have been really looking forward to not wearing my maternity gear! Mike and the girls go with me which could have ended in a disaster, but they all three did really well. We start at Dillard's and there were lots of cute ones, but I wanted to check some of the other department stores cause they are normally less expensive. We head to Belk and I find lots of cute ones. I think they were in the junior sizes cause I picked Large in almost all of them. I try them on and let's just say they were not to flattering and I felt like I was showing way to much. I was so annoyed. Mike was in shock cause yeah I have had two babies since 2005, but still I am not a Large ever in anything. So we try the XL on and they were not to much better. So we are wondering who besides a 14 yr. old skinny girl who has not gone through puberty can wear these pieces of fabric! We look at the misses (mom) swimsuits, but they are so momish and I am just not ready to wear a one piece with a skirt going around it!
We decided I would go back to Dillard's another time this week cause they do have the best selection and I really didn't look much there. We ended up just getting a cookie (Ellie's favorite thing about the mall) and left to go home and watch Idol!
Jordin did incredible. I was so frustrated that Blake was up there. He is creative, but I feel like many people in our church can sing better than him. I wish Melinda and Jordin could have battled it out. Did anyone notice the last song was written by Scott Kirpayne? Isn't he a Christian artist? Anyways, thanks for listening to my whining and maybe I will have to move up to the "mom" suits since I am almost 30! Have a great Wednesday!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Well, it is one week till we go on vacation to the Outer Banks with all of Mike's family. We are so excited for them to come to the East Coast. We are renting this huge house at the Outer Banks. We are staying in a little town called Duck, NC. It is a great town! So we have been trying to prepare Ellie for her time at the beach. In this picture she was discovering sand and loving her new sand toys. We also have gotten her a lifejacket for the pool etc... She seems to be obsessed with water. We have to stop at every fountain at the mall. Anna just kind of goes along with whatever which is so great! In this picture she is asleep at the beach. She is so sweet. She is laughing all the time and she loves it when Ellie tickles her. Today, Mike suggested getting out the exersaucer to she see if she was big enough for it. She did pretty good in it. I think I am going to save it for awhile though cause I really want her to not get bored of it to quickly. Tonight, we went to CVS and bought 30 12 packs of coke products. They were having a huge sale......5 packs for $11. We mainly stocked up for youth group, but we are keeping some for us at home. It equaled 18 cents a can! The CVS people thought we were crazy cause you could only by 10 at a time. So Mike would go buy 10 drop them off in the car and then go back in for more. We did this at the Wake Forest CVS and the Rolesville CVS. The Shelton's are always up for a good deal. Tomorrow is church etc... I am excited as Journey is really growing and each week is really awesome. Ellie loves her teachers. We taught her to say "Paul"... he is one of her teachers that she thinks is pretty cool. I will be next door in Anna's room. I am in the nursery every week during the second service. It has been a good way to meet people and other mom's with babies. I still think Anna is the best though by far! Anyways, blessings upon you all!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fun Times!

Well, I thought I'd tell you what we have been up to the past couple of weeks. Mike attended a conference in Atlanta so I decided to go away with my friend Kim for a few days. It was lots of fun! We went to Myrtle Beach and it was one crazy trip. We had four kids under three in her minivan. It was full with luggage, pack n plays, carseats, diaper bags, dvd player (Praise God!), and happy kids (ha ha)! So we get there at midnight on Sunday. It took us a little longer to pack the car, unload the car etc...The kids survived and we went to sleep that night excited for the next day. Well, it was of course crazy weather. It was a typical cold, windy east coast day. We tried the beach and it lasted for about 10 minutes. Even though it would take us 30 minutes to get anywhere. We had a double stroller, single stroller, and Anna in the Baby Bjorn carrier. It was so windy that all the kids cried because sand got in their eyes. We then tried the indoor pool which was a big hit! Ellie loved the water and wanted to get out of my arms so bad. It was then naptime which was great for Kim and I! It was a crazy couple of days, but really fun to get away with another mom of two! It was kind of empowering knowing that we could do all this by ourselves... although I'm not sure if I would want to do it again anytime soon. The last picture is of Ellie with her new play kitchen that Mimi got her! She loves it. She was so excited the night we got it for her she ended up playing with it till 10:00 that night. I am going to look for some play food this weekend at a neighborhood garage sale. Anyways, hope everyone is doing great! Post comments so I know someone is reading this blog!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

blog errors

I know now that I am not to good at posting things... sorry for all the strange errors! I meant to do them all in order, but I messed up. I need Mike to do these technological things!

more pics!

Here are a few more after pictures. I love the improvement on the deck!

After Pictures!

Here are some pictures of the outside after the power wash, paint job, fixing boards, glass etc....It looks so much better!

Before pictures

Here are some pictures of the outside before the paint job. The deck especially needed work. Eventually the gazebo area will be a screened in area. They will also fix up the hot tub etc....There will also be a new front door. We love the plywood one that is on their now ha ha!

Flip That House!

Well, many of you know that we are currently trying to "flip a house". It is just north of Raleigh in Youngsville, NC. They have been working on it for about a month now and finally we are seeing some progress. The outside was a big mess and the inside well it is a total dump. However, it is in a great neighborhood and on 2 acres of land. I wanted to post some pictures of the outside. It got painted this week and looks so much better. We are going to add some black shutters soon. Mike is loving this project I think. He now watched "flip that house" on discovery home every night. Have a great Saturday! I may have to do a couple different entries cause blogger is so slow sometimes!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Beach!

Well, I will be away for a few days. Mike is going to a conference in Atlanta with our children's ministry team. I really did not want to stay here by myself. My friend Kim's husband is also going away on business. We knew each other from seminary. I asked her if she and her kids wanted to go away for a few days. We are headed to Myrtle Beach tomorrow evening. Her minivan will be full with 4 kids in carseats under 3 years old. Doesn't this sound like fun? ha ha... Anyways, I am really looking forward to it. We are staying at one of our timeshare resorts. We'll see how Ellie likes the indoor pool and playing in the sand. I don't think the weather is going to be great, but there is plenty to do in Myrtle. Anyways, I hope everyone is has a good week!