Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life this week...

I don't really have much to post, but it has been a pretty good week so far. Here are some highlights:
* Ellie is pull-up free this week except for bedtime. She has been wearing them everywhere and has done pretty well! She has told me twice in the car that "the car-seat is yucky"! However, it was because she had held it to long while I was doing errands. It has been interesting taking them into public places cause I have to hold onto Ellie while she goes potty and Anna is touching everything. It is a whole new world!
* It was 95 degrees here yesterday so we got the baby pool out and went out twice yesterday. It was really fun and nice to get some sun. I'm sure I will be sick of it come October.
* I had some friends over this morning who all have babies around Anna's age. It was fun to see them all start walking and playing together.
* Ellie has "fifths disease" don't worry it is no biggie. We all have it at some point and most of you had it as a child. It is where they get "red cheeks" and a little rash on their necks and arms. She got it most likely from another little girl. Once you get the rash you are not contagious so I am guessing that Anna will have a little rash soon since they share everything.
* We are so excited about AI tonight and hope David Cook wins it all. I really like David A. as well. I just would rather listen to David Cook in my car.
* We are leaving for CO next week for our church's family camp in Estes Park. It is going to be so fun and I know the girls will love being in the mountains.
* We have 3 plane trips in June. The last one I do by myself and I am already dreading that one. I've never been one of those moms who say "my children travel so well" cause they do not enjoy any form of travel except for whenever we get off the plane or out of the car.
* "Dan in Real Life" was so good and you all should rent it if you haven't seen it. We both really liked it and Mike said he even liked it better than "Iron Man" which he saw the night before.
* Mike and I get to go out on Thursday night and even have a free baby-sitter which is even better! I'm already looking forward to Thursday and the time we will get to spend together.

Have a great afternoon...

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Tasha Via said...

Man, I had to open up another tab just so I could read your post while commenting so I don't forget anything=) Yeah for Ellie. I used to get so nervous going out of the house while pottie training. Hopefully that part will go quickly. I'd always have an extra pair of clothes and a towel just in case! Yeah for pools. Ours is a blast so far too. Boo, for Fifths disease but so glad it doesn't last long. Yeah for trips to CO. We'll be going in a few weeks to visit my parents. I, as well, am dreading the flight over their though=) AND Praise The Lord for a night off soon!!