Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Was this really just last year?

Anna May 07
We've grown up a lot since last year

I found these pictures from our vacation to the OBX (Outer Banks, NC) last year. The girls have changed so much in one year. I look back to those times and think we've done a lot since last year. Anna is now a toddler and Ellie is a great big sister. I kind of wish I was at the Outer Banks today with our family. It was a wonderful vacation and perfect timing as we moved a couple months later. I am so glad we got to experience one of my favorite places in the U.S. for a whole week in Duck, NC!

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amy said...

Holly, the girls have gotten SO big! they are PRECIOUS! I can't believe you got Ellie potty trained so quickly... I'm impressed! What was the best thing you did? Abby still isn't totally trained. I need to take a weekend in the kitchen and do it but just haven't had the time! Hope you all are doing well!