Wednesday, February 24, 2010

NBA All Star Game!

A great Valentine's Day Date!
We saw Wolf Blitzer from CNN!
Alicia Keys was the halftime entertainment along with Shakeira. I was not a fan of Shakeira!
The huge screen really is pretty amazing!
Usher was the pregame entertainment
Lebron James... my favorite basketball player. He is amazing and huge!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life Lately....

Well, I have been bad about blogging lately cause if I don't have pictures I don't seem to post as much. I have pictures on Mike's computer and he is at church right now! I will have to post some more later with some very fun pictures! February, has been a very busy month and full of all kinds of crazy fun! Here's what we have been up to lately in no particular order:

It has been really cold here this winter as far as a Texas winter goes. I don't remember the last time we went to the park and so we've had to be creative with playing inside etc...I am so thankful for preschool or else we would all be getting a little stir crazy. Yesterday, Mike had the day off so we went to the Children's Museum of Dallas. Our sweet, Mimi got us a family membership which I know we will use all the time! The girls love it and it is manageable for me to take all 3 girls by myself. Our playgroup goes sometimes as well so it will be fun to go with friends on cold, winter days or blazing hot summer days!

We just had D-Town at Watermark which is our version of Disciple Now. It was so awesome and such a blessing to so many kids. It is the student ministry teams biggest event so many hours and hard work were invested into the weekend. There were 480 students and 120 leaders involved. It was A LOT of people and so much fun! Mike was the speaker and he came up with the theme which was " 5 Dangerous Prayers" from Psalm 51. He made the curriculum which went great with their being 5 sessions of either small group/large group time. The prayers were
Clean Me, Teach Me, Mold Me, Use Me, and Break Me.
The other staff did all the creative parts, music, videos, etc... They did such a good job and are so creative. The ideas they come up with are awesome. My favorite part was on Friday night during the first session. They rewrote the Black Eyed Peas Song "Tonight is going to be a good night". It was awesome and so loud in there. It for sure set the tone for the weekend. They went on to rewrite "Party in the USA" and a Taylor Swift song all about DTOWN.
I was able to host my small group girls who are in 11th grade. They are so much fun and so committed. I love their passion and faithfulness when we meet each Wednesday or for big events. Mike was with his 9th grade boys and they stayed up much later than we did. I don't know how he does it. He really has so much energy. He is speaking tonight to our Young Adults cause JP is sick.

Teeth or Ears? I'm sure most of you who have a little one have wondered what is wrong with them. Mary was really fussy today and not sleeping well. I couldn't tell which one it was and she didn't have a fever so I was really confused. I decided at 5:00 that I didn't want to risk a sleepless night so we went to the Dr. It was an ear infection and I am so glad I took her. The Dr. gave her some meds. and I'm sure she will be great soon!

Well, I am watching American Idol for the first time this season. We always have something on Tuesday night and I never get to watch. It seems pretty good so far. I hope we can keep up with it till the end. Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Great State of Texas....

I love "Baby Bangs" post today on why she loves Texas. She described it so perfectly and for our friends and family from out of state I think it will give you a good taste of life in Texas. I know that Dallas is different than Houston, but what she writes describes our lives here. I've never seen such a different culture. It really is unique to Texas. Our students who are "preppy" wear wranglers and boots. Car Hart jackets are in style and these are not "redneck"people. However, you also feel the desire to dress up to go to a fancy mall or to dinner.
Mike wears boots often and looks pretty cute in them! He also got a "western/car hart" jacket from Watermark as a staff gift. It is amazing how we can live in this huge city and have all the conveniences, but at the same time drive an hour away and be on a ranch. I'm guessing soon we we might have to decide if we will be Aggies or Longhorns! ha! I think we will stay Jayhawks....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Adventures with Daddy....

Mike is such a fun, creative Daddy. He is the best at coming up with random/creative ideas that our girls love. Many, people told us when you have 3 kids you really have to tag team and divide them up for it to really work. We were learning the hard way that weekends were sometimes really difficult with the kids cause there is lots of down/unstructured time which is good for a little while, but our girls love need a plan! We now sit down every Thursday night to plan the weekend. I normally take the girls on Friday morning (Mike's day off) and we go do something together and let Mike rest, exercise, or do whatever he likes. I come home by noon and then we spend the rest of the day together. He takes E and A on Saturday mornings on some sort of adventure.
Last weekend they went to some horse ranch in Frisco that also hosts birthday parties. They loved it and got to jump in bounce houses, ride ponies, pet goats, and play on the playground. Anna is free so we only had to pay for Ellie which was $7. Another guy in our community group took his boys and said "it was the most fun he's ever had with his boys". Mike is quite the planner and always has a fun event for the girls on Saturday mornings. They also love to go to White Rock Lake to the dog park. I am so thankful to have a husband who loves me and loves our girls!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

How will we respond?.....

The Future Leaders of Uganda from Watermark Community Church on Vimeo.

Our church has been opening my eyes to what the world is like in Uganda, Dallas, or Haiti in the last month. We support a certain ministry in Uganda and are building water wells, sponsoring children etc.. Our community group has been working through how we should respond. The main message I have gotten over the last month is that I need to think about what am I doing right now where I am at in life with my family, neighbors, friends, West Dallas etc..I am beyond blessed and am so thankful that my church cares for the rich and poor!

Check out

Anna's 3rd Birthday Party!

Anna turned 3 and her birthday finally came! The girls have been anticipating this day for months. They play birthday party all the time and Anna was so excited. I am soooo not the birthday party planner where everything is cute with lots of crafts. We had her party at a gymnastics place and it was awesome. They had 2 teachers who led the kids in games, trampoline, obstacle course, and lots of other fun activities. I only had to bring the cupcakes and drinks. It was so easy and low stress. It was so fun to see all the kids really enjoy themselves and for the parents to be able to talk with one another! I am so thankful for Anna and what an amazing little girl she is becoming each day. We also survived her being 2 which was quite a year full of discipline, potty-training, and all of those fun things that happen when you are 2 years old!

Anna with her good friend Grayson. I love his face!

Gretchen and I with Preston and Mary. They are one month apart.

Everyone loved the trampoline.

Anna loved the parachute!

Big sister loves to party!

Mary loves her Daddy!

Anna and Jack or (Jackman as she calls him)

Ellie and Anna with their good friend Carsen
All of the kids stretching listening to their teachers!