Saturday, May 10, 2008

Vida Loca! Volunteer Appreciation Night!

The staff performing "La Vida Loca"
My favorite Alamo Guy!
Mike, Bode and David! Ole'!

We had such a fun night last night! Watermark does a volunteer appreciation night every other year where all the volunteers from every ministry are honored. The theme was an Alamo/Cantina night. We ate yummy mexican food outside with a live mariachi band and hung out with friends. Then we went inside where all the volunteers were entertained by the staff doing their version of "La Vida Loca"! It was hilarious and Mike was so thankful he was in the back during the dance. Then we had a hilarious stand-up comedian guy tell us all kinds of funny jokes for 45 minutes. It was a great night even for the kids as they were in child-care till 10:00 P.M.! We are so thankful for our church and how good it was to laugh together!

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The Penuels said...

Such a fun night!! Thanks for the pics...was that my husband with his shirt unbuttoned?? Yikes!