Thursday, April 24, 2008

Highs and Lows

I am totally stealing this title from my friend Stephanie. She's like the best blog writer and I can never think of titles. I really liked her idea of telling her high's and lows of the week. We've had a pretty good week so far and I've tried to have more purpose to our days and also in my personal life.
Tuesday was beyond crazy with the kiddos. It just started out bad and did not get much better. My patience was kind of short and Ellie was really struggling with the potty. She would want to go and would try, but not much success. I think we spent at least 2 hours in our little pink bathroom together while Anna was also needing much attention. Our afternoon got worse when I put Ellie down for her nap and she decided to "go" and then pull off her pull-up to then create a huge mess that I'll just let you imagine what her crib looked like. I could only laugh at that point and almost cry when I walked in her room and she goes "sorry mommy".

Tuesday night is a continuation of Tuesday afternoon. We have been really busy and I'm about to be out of town next week. We haven't been on a date in quite awhile. Mike called our sweet sitter and she could come over. We had plans to go to Pei Wei and then we've had free movie tickets that we really wanted to use. We go out to dinner and then to the mall where the movie is supposed to start at 8:45. Mike had his phone on silent and he looked down to see 3 missed calls from our sitter. He calls her back and finds out Anna had swallowed some AirWick liquid freshener that I had plugged in right by her changing table after the "afternoon surprise" that really stunk up the girls room. She maybe got a tiny drop, but our sitter had called her parents and then she called poison control who sent an ambulance. Anna was totally fine and our sitter did the right thing. However, one of us had to go home to sign the release that Anna did not need to go to the hospital etc...We still had a great time at dinner, but I don't want that kind of Tuesday for a long time.

I was so bummed that Carly got kicked off of AI. I really liked her voice and her sweet spirit. I really liked it when she wore her long-sleeve shirts!

Wednesday was so much better for Ellie. She's like a new girl and is telling me most of the time she needs to go before we have an accident. The whole reward thing was starting to click for
her. I normally just arrange the reward for what we are doing that day. I will tell her you will get to go to the library if you go potty or I will buy you a cookie at the mall.

Today, I met my playgroup at the mall playground. I am so thankful for these girls. It is really neat how God brought them into my life. They all have 2 year olds and some are pregnant with their second. Those first 6 months here were pretty lonely at times and I finally feel like I really connect well with these girls. We meet every Thursday and do something different with the kiddos. Ellie loves it so much to see friends.

I just started Beth Moore's David devotional. It takes you 90 days and it is her short form version. It is great and I always love anything Beth writes. I also just finished this incredible book that Mike's mom gave me called "The Glass Castle". It is a true story and you need to go check it out at the library. I am so bummed though cause I found out from a friend that she spoke at the high school that is a block from our house in October and I missed it. I think my next fun book will be "The Kite Runner".

I better go get some work done. Have a great day!


Katrina said...

I am always looking for good books to read. I will go and check out Glass Castle. Kite Runner was very hard for me to read, graphic in some parts...I just skipped a few of them because it was so tough. I am so glad you are in the group! We had a great time last night.

The Oakes said...

wow that is definately a if the diaper episode wasn't enough....then an ambulance! glad wednesday only got better!

Tasha Via said...

So sorry about your low day. I cannot imagine. We are so proud of you both!! Hey, I did the David study and LOVED it!! You are going to learn so much...

Stephanie said...

Hey girlfriend!

So fun to hear your lows and highs...although that does take the cake for a low...I bet the ambulance was a real shocker!! Your poor sitter must have died and then I'm sure both of you did too! I'm so glad Wednesday was much better. We miss you guys! Loved your sweet comments on my birthday post...can you believe that? I'm still pretty thrilled. Hope next week is fun...I can't remember where you are going? Arkansas? Glad you found a group of moms to connect with too. That's so important Holly and I know you've been praying for it. Love ya girl!

amy said...

oh my goodness, Holly! i can only imagine!!!! abby is in the same boat with potty training, although she refuses to wear pull-ups, so praise the Lord she can't take her diaper off by herself!!!! and the ambulance story takes the cake! what a day!!! i love the pics of the girls! i can't believe how big anna has gotten! they're both precious! i wish you would bring them to TN in january.. i know abby would LOVE to play with ellie!!! :)

davidcatherinewilson said...

hey holly,

I know it wasn't funny at the time, but your day just made me laugh, it sounds like my life! Grainger is potty training right now, I use that term lightly. His brother was trained at like 22 months so I thought it's be that easy- no it is not. We have had so many accidents.

Marilyn did talk to me and thursday sounds great. It'll be fun to hang out.