Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Am I dreaming???

Did any of you catch the end of AI tonight where they are singing "Shout to the Lord". I must say they are doing a very good job of one of my all time favorite praise song. However, I sang it in 1996. I was a little disappointed that they said "My Shepherd, My Comfort" instead of "My Jesus, My Savior". Oh well, at least Hillsong and the Lord are now getting props on AI!


the broomes said...

That was so crazy!!!? I almost got Joshua up out of bed because that is his all time favorite song! ...Fred and I just kept looking at each other saying "What in the world is happening?!!"

Stacey said...

I'm don't regularly watch AI so I missed that. But very cool! "Shout to the Lord" is a fabulous and powerful song.

Penuel said...

I loved it too!! But, so sad that Michael Johns is gone!!