Thursday, March 6, 2008


Yea!!!! I am so excited... we love snow and lots of it which is a problem here in TX. However, I just saw on the news that we could get 3-5 inches. I'm pretty sure we will have winter weather coverage from now to midnight on our local channels. They might take a break for AI results show. I will be relaxing now at home enjoying it before it melts. Have a great afternoon.
*I think E is taking a nap!


the broomes said...

The thought of snow is VERY exciting. It cracks me up how people get so worked up about even the slightest possibility of frozen precipitation here in GA! Have a great weekend!

Kelly Via said...

Holly! You guys have snow?? Yesterday it was around 70 degrees here! Cana and Kayil were dressed for Summer! Today it is raining... But SNOW?? In Texas? Kinda crazy. I am finished with even the thought of snow...BRING ON SPRING! However, have a ton of fun in it with the family!

The Oakes said...

hoping to check back later and find pictures of the girls playing around in the white stuff. Hope that nap was extra long to make up for the missed ones.