Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter and more...

We are back to the blogging world after a weeks vacation. I've enjoyed catching up on all your lives! We celebrated Jesus this morning at Watermark. It was a great celebration and then we went to a brunch/egg hunt at a friend's house. Ellie was all over finding all of the eggs and especially loved finding out that many of them had candy. We just got home from a short trip to Arkansas to stay at one of our timeshares. It was a great trip and I think I'll leave you our "Top Ten" of the week!
1.)One of our students from Raleigh came to visit us for the week. She is an awesome girl who will be transferring from Wake Tech to UNC-Wilmington in the fall. She picked a great college don't you think?
2.)Spending time with Mike and the kids w/o cell phone, internet, laundry, etc..I would have said T.V., but it is March so you know it has not turned off.
3.) Ellie playing her first mini-golf game. She loved it and preferred it over the playground. She "played" all 18 holes.
4.) My children sleeping till 9:30 everyday. We put them in the bathroom(it was really big) and it had no windows. They had no idea what time it was!
5.) Reading the book "Same Kind of a Different Me". It is set in Dallas and is a true story. It is sooooo good. You can find it at Barnes and Noble or the library.
6.) Anna is officially walking! She's been taking steps forever. However, she now walks more than crawls so I guess we have a toddler.
7.) I love to see the joy in March on Mike's face when UNC and KU win. He also is very happy when Duke loses.
8.) Our timeshare was in the middle of nowhere in Arkansas. We loved it cause it was so nice to be out of the city. It was in the mountains on a lake. It was so nice to see deer and drive on the winding AR roads. We almost floated away with all the rain we got in one day. I think it was like 8 inches. It was crazy, but so much fun.
9.) We got to see our good friend Sean from college. He is one of Mike's best friends and they live in MO. He drove down for a day and spent the night. We enjoyed eating mexican food with him. He and Mike always loved going out for mexican.
10.) Happy Easter... I was reminded again today of the hope of Jesus. How could we ever do this life without Him? It would all be so complicated, but with Jesus I have such peace and know that no matter what my hope will never be destroyed.


The Oakes said...

i think we will do this vacation very well together. we always put our kids in the bathroom or a walk in closet to sleep! and what a plus if there is no light!!

The Bowman Family said...

Sounds like a great, relaxing week! I love vacations! It is amazing how refreshed you feel after only a few days away. On a different note, I was thinking you might have some advice on preparing a house to sell and moving with a active toddler;)

the broomes said...

I'm so glad that ya'll had a great family week! Sounds like tons of fun! Our trip was great as well...the plane travel really wasn't that bad! Praise God!:)

amy said...

it sounds like such fun to get away... and to be away from internet/laundry/etc...hope you had an AMAZING Easter! we miss you guys!

Kelly Via said...

Sounds like a lot of fun you guys! I love it when our girls sleep in! Welcome back to the blogging world! I missed ya:)

Stacy said...

Awww how fun! We totally miss you guys like CRAZY and the girls look so adorable. I cannot believe Anna is walking! Reading your blogs brings a smile to my face!