Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nice day, Girls Night, and Baby...

It is a beautiful sunny day here and we have been able to spend so much more time outside. We play in the front yard a lot. I can sit on the porch and the girls can run around in the grass. We see the neighbors and lots of people walking outside. I know in just a few short months it will be to hot to do this during the day.

Last night was a girls night and we had so much fun! It has been on the calendar for 2 weeks or so and the timing was perfect cause I really needed a break from the kids and be with adults! I got to go out with Julia Morrison (aka old seminary friend) they go to Watermark and her husband finishes up seminary in May. We are also friends with 2 other couples that the Morrison's told us about and Mike works with them. It was so great and Mike got to hang out with David. They took the girls out for dinner and Anna actually fell asleep at their apartment so we ended up being that their place till after 11. It was so fun to spend time with them.

Anna's favorite word and her first word was "baby". She says it all the time and it is so cute. I am now a nanny PT for a sweet baby that comes to our house a few days a week. It has been a really great job and the girls have done really well with her. Anna loves to make her smile and Ellie likes to give her the paci. She reminds me she's a big girl and doesn't need a Paci. It is really nice to be a paci-free home. I do not miss looking for that thing! Anyways, I hope you all have a great day and that you get to enjoy nice weather!


The Martins said...

Oh I miss you guys and Julia! Girls nights are life savers aren't they!

the broomes said...

I'm so glad that you got to have a girls night...it's funny how much more those times are valued in this stage of life! We love playing in the front yard too: Joshua has become friends with the next door neighbor's grandson- they play several times a week. Anna Bell's latest word is "me"...this morning as I was sharing my oatmeal with the kids, she kept saying it when she wanted another bite! Ha!