Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Nana and Papa!

I decided at the last minute to bring the girls to Georgia to visit Nana and Papa. We left on Monday and of course the drive was not fun. However, once we get here it is always so great to relax and hang with the fam. i have gotten up with Anna every morning to feed her, but then I have gone back to sleep. It is such a rare event that I love it! I think I am really tired and it doesn't catch up with me till I get a chance to relax. I have taken a nap every afternoon when the girls have gone down for a nap. Ellie is loving seeing Nana and Papa. She can now say their names and recognizes them. We went swimming in their pool today. Ellie is slowly enjoying the water more, but we are not in the pool to long before she says "all done". We took Anna to the Target Portrait studio today and she did so great! I love this place cause you can get a whole package for $7.99. Ellie is not into pictures and hasn't been since her first birthday. She did like trying to make Anna smile. It is so great to have a helper with me when we do things like pictures etc..! Tomorrow, we are taking Ellie to see Happy Feet at the free kids movie. We'll see how it goes with both kids at the movies!
Mike has been busy this week with church work and working on our investment house. He has taken over the house and is now the project manager etc....a long story. However, I think he is secretly loving being like Armando from "Flip that house". I am really proud of him and he is doing a great job. He is picking out the paint, door knobs, cabinets, doors, etc....I am letting him handle all this while I am away this week. We've come a long ways in our 6 years! I hope everyone is having a great day.Blessings upon you all!


The Oakes said...

im envious, we don't have a portrait studio in our target. im hoping you will share the shots when you get them. Have fun in GA and make sure we get to see all of Mike's hard work when he finishes!

to answer you question we are living with the same family that trevor lived with when he interned here. their daughter was the childrens minister at our church in topeka. they are great but we probably won't be with them to much longer. the house hunt is in full swing.

amy said...

sounds like such fun! it's always nice to have family to help out... even if it means making a long drive for it to happen! abby just had her pictures done at picture people... she was terrified of it at first, but after watching several others have their pictures done, she warmed up to the camera. hope you all are well! are you going to the kids exchange sale towards the end of july?

The Oakes said...

how come there is no picture of the iPhone? Life is good here, we think we may have found a house today?