Saturday, June 9, 2007

Anna Katherine

I am going to try and post every month what our sweet Anna is up to these days. It seems to be that I post more about what Ellie is doing probably because she is doing so much these days! I might be tearing up by the end of this, but I hope to print these off one day since I don't scrapbook!

Dear Anna,
You are now 4 months old. I cannot believe you are no longer our little tiny newborn who slept all the time. You are developing your own little personality. You love for people to talk to you and you love to smile back at them. Your sister is obsessed with you. She loves having a new playmate all the time with her at home. She loves to bring you toys or try to feed you a bottle. You put up with her trying to climb on you and poking your eye. I am very busy now taking care of you and Ellie. My favorite time though is when I put Ellie down for her nap and I hold you in my lap. I love to see you laugh and smile. Your dad normally spends time with you at night. Your eyes will follow him all across the room. We have a new routine of putting you and your sister to bed at night at the same time. Ellie loves to pray with you and say "Amen". You roll over on your side, suck your thumb, and watch your aquarium mobile. You are now sleeping from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.! I don't know how we are so blessed, but you have loved to sleep from birth. We've been busy so far this summer with a trip to the beach and going to the pool as much as we can. You look so cute in your swimsuit and I know this time next year you will love the water! You weighed 11 lbs. 13 oz. at your 4 month appointment. You are 10 oz. bigger than your sister was at 4 months. However, it looks like you are going to be kind of small like Ellie. One day you will love being the small girl! We love you so much Anna. I can tell you are going to be an awesome girl one day who will shine brightly for Jesus. We picked your name as we pray that one day you will be like Anna from the Bible who loved to worship Jesus! I look forward to many more days of being your mommy. You are a special gift to us.


Stephanie said...

Holly! Could that be a sweeter post??? What a beautiful need to make sure and print that off so you have it. Anna will treasure that someday. Love the picture also, she is adorable, just like her big sister and her Mom! So sweet...

The Martins said...

Holly! That is so sweet! I teared up reading it! Anna is so adorable! She really is looking so much older.