Friday, June 22, 2007

Mike's 28!

Well, today is a big day for Mikey! He is now 28 years old. It makes me feel a little better cause I will be turning 30 in 6 months. So instead of a card that he won't read I decided to do a little surprise blog for him. I know this may be a little long, but here goes 28 things I love about Mike in no particular order....Happy Birthday Babe!
1.)He loves me
2.)He loves Jesus
3.)He adores Ellie and Anna
4.) We met in the midwest as very young naive college students, but we've survived!
5.) He did college in 3 1/2 years and seminary in 2 1/2 with very little effort. Secretly, he is really smart and can get any job done.
6.)You have gotten so many free things it is not even funny.. to name a few: timeshare gifts, macbook pro, iphone, ipod hifi, airplane vouchers etc... very few people will put forth the effort will they?
7.) You let me pick the music on the ipod most the time which we mainly agree upon. Lately, we are addicted to Hillsong United (you should all check them out.)
8.)You have very strange things happen to you that you just laugh about and never even worry about them (ex: sea lice, staph infection, fake colon cancer ha ha)
9.) You have a very good pallet for food. I really do think we eat more than most couples.
10.) You love college basketball and somehow we end up in great cities for it!
11.) You challenge me daily to grow in my walk with Christ.
12.) There is no dream to small for you.
13.) You have a moonwalk company (enough said)
14.) You love to travel. We have been on some amazing trips together (many before children). Some of my favorites are: Disney, Breckenridge, OBX, Williamsburg/D.C.,Charleston, Hilton Head, The Cruise(ha ha)
15.) You are really good at student ministry and still have a desire for it.
16.) You are not afraid to work and figure out how to make money.
17.)You are growing and maturing daily. I really respect how you are making decisions a little more slowly now and desiring what's best for your family.
18.) You are a very loyal friend. You can keep in touch with almost anyone.
19.) You are very good at technology and put up with my lack of technological skills.
20.) You are compassionate and caring toward those who need help. You will try and find a way to help those in need.
21.)I can't wait to one day finally take a really cool anniversary trip with you without our babies.
22.) You are an amazing father who has really helped me transition into having two girls under two years old.
23.) You still want more children even after the past couple months of insanity and "you've even said I don't mind if they are girls"!
24.) We are laughing more today than we did 6 years ago I think. I have a lot of fun with you.
25.)You are really calm during stressful situations. I am thinking of when it is 2 a.m. and I'm telling you I think we need to go to the hospital so I can have Anna. I am dying in pain. Our bags are not packed and you ask me if you can take a shower? However, we made it to the hospital in 19 minutes from N. Raleigh to Cary.
26.) You love to research all kinds of things. You are really good at finding good cars, houses, etc... aka NACA! (inside joke)
27.) Your birthday gift is coming in one week. The anticipated IPhone. Will our world ever be the same?
28.) Happy Birthday Mike! I hope you've had a great day!
We love you,
Holly, Ellie and Anna
ps- these 2 pics I thought were a good image of Mike.


cassie said...

happy birthday Mike!!! how sweet of holly to do this for you and i think she is right about the pictures. the first one shows that you can be a goof and really fun to be around (perfect for youth ministry) and the second shows your more serious side, how much you love your wife (who wouldn't) and in turn how much you adore your girls. i hope you have had a wonderful day and tell holly not to worry trevor is only a few weeks from the big 30 as well.

Stephanie said...

Love it Holly! What a sweet post..I'm sure you had one thankful husband after he read that from his incredible wife!! That list also reminded me why we love you guys so much! Hope Mike had a great day...he's a blessed man!

Kathy Voss Humphries said...

Holly this is so sweet! I'm sure you had a tough time limiting the list to just 28 reasons - I can come up with at least 28 just from our trip to OBX! For instance....Mike is lovable because he is the only guy (other than brother Dave) to try to launch a kayak on a tide-warning day! Or, Mike is lovable because he doesn't freak out when Anna's diaper leaks on him during a family photo. Or.... you get the picture. Mike is just LOVABLE!