Sunday, June 3, 2007

More OBX Pictures!

Here are some more pictures from our week at the OBX. There are so many cool things to do there. I think our favorite was driving onto the beach. They have one section where you can drive your 4wd onto the beach. Mike was all about this of course and our goal was to see the wild horses. We've heard lots about them, but didn't know if we would actually see one. There were two out on the beach this day. It was amazing just seeing them roam on the beach. I also wanted to get one good family picture. We have yet to do this since Anna was born. The picture session lasted about 5 minutes cause then Anna had a "blowout" all over Mike. I think this was his first experience of having baby poo on him. Welcome to my world! It was a great week and we will always look back on the memories of having family out on the East Coast with us. Today, was church and it was awesome. Our pastor and worship were great today. A great way to start back into the "real world". Ellie cried for the first time today when we dropped her off. It was sad. She was fine though after about 5 minutes. I saw her playing on the floor with some of her little friends. Enjoy the pictures!


Stephanie said...

I love the pictures!! Especially of the horses...(not more than your children though), but I was starting to wonder if those horses really do exist? I was just telling my sister and her new husband about that, now that they're headed your way!! Sounds like it was a fun vacation. That's a great picture of the 4 of you...hilarious about Anna's blowout!! Glad it was a refreshing week.

cassie said...

sweet sweet pictures. ellie looks so big in the family photo and she has so much hair! im glad you all enjoyed your time away with family and thanks for sending me those other blogs i love reading them!