Friday, June 12, 2009

Mary Caroline's Birth Story......

                                                                        Mary Caroline
7lb. 12 oz.
20 inches
3:34 P.M.
I went to the doctor on a Monday and  I was 3cm dilated. He said my body was ready for labor and that if I wanted to I could get induced later that week. I was a little hesitant, but knew it would be easier with someone watching the girls etc... We decided to go ahead and schedule it. I was induced with Ellie and was not with Anna. I felt like I had experienced both and was did not favor one over the other. The only weird part is trying to get to sleep the night before knowing what you are doing the next day! 
I got to the hospital at 8 A.M. and around 9:15 they started a slow drip of pitocin and I was still 3 cm when we arrived.  The pitocin did not do much to me except start regular contractions about 5 minutes apart.  I was not in any pain and the plan was for the doctor to break my water around noon. 
Dr. H came to break my water at 12:30 and I was 4 cm. He said to get ready cause on most third children they come really fast after the water is broken. I started to be in pain around 1:15 and so I asked for the epidural. I was 6 cm when the epi was inserted. Mike is always amazed at how the epidural does not scare me. He sees the needle and almost passes out. However, if he only knew as a woman you see the epidural as an amazing gift! I felt much better after the epi and then it was just time to relax a little bit. I was not feeling to much at this point. I progressed really quickly and by 2:30 or so they said we would have a baby within the hour. I was 8 cm at this point. I started to feel a little more pressure and at around 3:00 I could feel quite a bit and realized I could move and feel my legs. I asked the nurse if I should be feeling pressure etc... she checked the pump and it was time to change the batteries?!!!! I did not want to hear those words. She changed the batteries and gave me an extra dose, but at this point the doctor said it was time to push. I for sure felt different than with Ellie and Anna. I am so glad that I only pushed for 15 minutes or so, but the doctor said it was pretty much all natural. I can now say I've pretty much experienced it all in child birth and it is still one of the most amazing things I've ever gone through. It goes so fast and before you know it you have another precious baby in your arms that you cannot imagine loving so much. I am so thankful for my wonderful doctor. He is a Christian and was always so kind. I felt so comfortable with him in any situation. I could totally trust his judgement especially when Mary was breach. He always took his time to visit with us and prayed with us after her birth. I've had 3 different doctors with all the girls and I think he was my favorite. I loved the others as well, but Dr. H is a really special person who has a gift and calling to be a OB/GYN.  
I am so thankful that God was in control the whole day and I can say He was my strength the whole pregnancy. It was a really long 9 months and it really felt like I was training for a marathon and just wanted race day to come. I can say that chasing two toddlers and being pregnant is really hard. You have no energy left at the end of the day to do anything else and it was really overwhelming emotionally. I was so relieved on June 4th that I did it and that Mary was here healthy! 


April said...

I LOVE her!!!!! Congratulations!!! Her name is just absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I'd steal it, but I already have Caroline :) I am so excited about seeing y'all more in the fall at preschool...hopefully we can meet Mary before then! lots of love to all of you!

the broomes said...

She is beautiful, Mike and Holly! Great job sharing all the details of her birth- I wish I would have recorded all of that for each of ours. I'm sure the memories will run together eventually. Sounds like it was a great experience. So glad that y'all are adjusting so well! Praise God!