Friday, June 12, 2009

The hospital stay.....

Mike and I really enjoyed our hospital stay which might sound a little strange. However, it was pretty much just the three of us the whole time. It was really sweet to get such alone time with Mary and also time with Mike. We talked a lot and watched lots of TV and movies. Our hospital was amazing. It is a small hospital that almost looks like a clinic. My Dr. is only there one day a week and I was able to get induced on his day where he works in Frisco. The hospital is really unique in that the women's unit was designed by doctors and how they wanted to do extra things to make it different. I think the best thing was that the nurses station had a camera to where they can see into your room so if you had visitors or were asleep they didn't bug you about taking your blood pressure etc... It seemed like we were not bothered from 10 P.M. till 7 A.M. cause they took all my vitals before we went to sleep. They also were really fast about picking Mary up to take her to the nursery etc.. and it didn't seem like you were annoying them. 
Mike's favorite thing was the food cause it seemed like we were on a cruise ship. It was incredible and if you didn't like what they were serving that meal you could have them go downstairs to the cafeteria and order anything off the menu. Mike was given a meal every time I did so we enjoyed it together. Your last night at the hospital they serve you a "congratulatory" dinner of steak and lobster. It was really yummy and I especially loved the chocolate cake!
I really cannot think of one negative aspect about our stay and the fact that we both slept better there than at home was impressive. However, we also didn't have someone coming into our room at 7 A.M. to ask for breakfast!

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