Thursday, February 26, 2009

Playing together....

Well, I am starting to see the girls loving playing together these days. We had a long couple of months where Ellie was just a little more advanced and Anna was always taking her toy etc... I felt like all I said was "if you don't share, mommy will have to take it away." Lately, they love to go in their room and play pretend. Their favorite right now is "doctor". I gave them a thermometer and they love to take each others temperatures. It got really quiet the other day and I walked in to Ellie putting diaper rash cream all over Anna. She told me Anna needed cream. They also love to play in the guest bed and act like they are having a sleep over. It is so fun to see them enjoy each other and not need any toys to have so much fun! It has been a beautiful week here (86 deg. today)! We've played outside a lot lately and I give them each a plastic shovel. They love to play in the dirt which makes this mommy very happy. I would hate for them to be afraid to get dirty! Mimi and Granddaddy are coming for a visit tomorrow while Mike goes to Minnesota to speak at a retreat. I am so thankful that they are coming to visit us! It has been 3 retreat weekends in a row so I am just a little tired. I am so glad Mike is getting to go see our good friends and am so jealous I don't get to see them as well! It will be a little more cold there this weekend as they just had a blizzard! Anyways, I am off to bed. The "belly" is wearing me out lately. Mainly, from bending over so much to pick up toys or kids! I am still sleeping so well and feel great besides the exhaustion, but who wouldn't be chasing a two crazy little girls!

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Tasha Via said...

I absolutely LOVED it when my 2 started playing together. It's SO nice! I can't believe it's been NICE there. I'm sitting here watching the third snow of the winter!
Glad you get a break this week;) Have fun!