Sunday, March 1, 2009

We are so proud!!!

So this is a really long, crazy story so you really need to just go to the website. However, two guys on our student ministry staff and a volunteer are always thinking of creative videos and they had this idea a couple of months ago to become the "Fake Jonas Brothers". Well, the videos are hilarious and the producer of the Jonas Brothers movie contacted them about being in the movie. They got to go to NY to film and just premiered in the Jonas Brothers 3D Experience. Well, it got more exciting cause last night they got to walk the red carpet with the Jonas Brothers, Mark Cuban, Kidd Kraddick, etc...... They are famous!!! You must go here to read Alli's and go to their website to watch some hilarious videos. I think it is so great cause these guys really could be on SNL and they are just awesome guys who love Christ above all! Mike went to the midnight showing of the movie and loved it! Way to go Fake Jonas Brothers!

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Katrina said...

WOW!! I cannot believe it. That is so fun