Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ellie's funny comments....

On the way to ballet today, Ellie said:
"Mommy, I'm going to listen to the teacher today and I'm not going to run". She has a slight problem with sitting still!!

We were delivering a meal to our friend Elizabeth who just had twins a couple of weeks ago who are so precious. I told Ellie we were going to visit Hampton's family. He's their almost 3 yr. old son that is in our play group.
Ellie: " Where's Hampton live"?
Mommy: "He lives kind of far away so we will have to drive there. It is about 20 minutes away."
Ellie:" Does he live in China? We have to fly there"?

A little boy in Ellie's class just moved to China cause his parents are becoming missionaries there. Ellie has been so intrigued with Eli's story about flying on the airplane to China. I love her little imagination!

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The Oakes said...

i love the way their little minds work!

you look great holly! can't wait to hear more about gilr #3!