Monday, April 30, 2007

Shower Time!

Well, it seems like Ellie is always dirty these days. She's quite the messy eater! Then, we've been playing outside more and more. So alot of days she needs two baths especially if we are going somewhere. She has really fine thin baby hair that gets so out of control. So today I thought how could I save time by getting myself ready and Ellie. So I decided to see if she would like to take a shower when I did. She loved it!
I did it in her bathroom where there is a shower curtian etc... I filled the tub and she just sat their playing with bath toys while I showered and then it was so quick to get her hair washed etc....I think this could become a regular thing! All mommies out there you should try this! Well, it is already Monday again and the weekend fun is over. However, tonight I am really excited for Mike. He is going to a Derek Webb concert in downtown Raleigh. Derek is a former bandmember of Caedmon's Call. He's going with two guys from our Journey Group. I think I may hang out with one of the girls from our group. They live in Wake Forest and her husband just graduated from the seminary. They just started attending Journey. They have a 19 month old girl and Kelly is due tomorrow actually with their second girl. I am really exctied to get to know them better. I think our girls could be great friends! The other really cool thing is that we were really good friends with Jonathon's brother and his wife all of seminary. Well, we are about to go burn some calories at the Y. It seems the closer to 30 we get the more difficult it is to keep the pounds off!
Ellie also wanted to say Happy Birthday "Papaw". We hope you have a great day!

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