Sunday, April 22, 2007

Long Weekend.....

So I got home on Thursday night and realized there would not be much time to rest over the weekend....oh well is there ever with two kids and a husband in ministry! However, it has been a good, encouraging weekend. I went with some ladies from our church to a women's conference on Friday night at Providence Baptist. We attended there early on in seminary. It was excellent..... The speaker was awesome ..... I can't say the same about the music but that is a whole other story! Saturday, we had a youth leaders training at a church in Cary. It was good.... Ellie stayed at our house with a sitter. She loved it....having a 15 yr. old in charge of her! We got home and relaxed for a little while then had to go to Chapel Hill to UNC hospital to visit a girl from our church. We love Chapel is always fun to drive through campus and of course it makes Mike feel close to Roy Williams. Today, was filled with church etc.... It was a good day. Journey is really teaching us so much. We love going to church on Sunday morning. Ellie loves her little one year old class. It is so crazy to me that she is bringing home crafts each week. Although, I am pretty sure it is her teacher who is doing most of the work. I love dressing my girls up each week. I put a dress on each of them and of course a cute bow! I know in a few years they will complain about wearing these things so I am making them "girly" while I can. I am excited to be at home this week. The laundry is everywhere and I really need to just be home for a few days to catch up. I have been gone so much lately that it will be nice to get back on a schedule. Anna is doing awesome. She is amazing. She's sleeping so well and just goes with the flow. I guess they say most second babies tend to be be this way. I am not complaining at all. Well, I've been trying to post some pictures and blogger is being so slow. I'll try again tomorrow. Have a good Monday!

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