Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Beautiful Day....

I've been thinking lately about how blessed we are to live here in North Carolina a place we love. The weather has been so nice and I've discovered so many great parks. God has been so good to us to relocate us here. We love our church, our kids, each other etc... God has shown us so much lately about how we want our kids to love being apart of the "Shelton Family"!
I read recently that children are not drawn to the evils of this world when their home is a place of love, excitement, and new activities. We were saying today that we want our home to be the place where our children want to have their friends over. We want to have crazy family nights, traditions etc... We are trying to start this even now, but it is a little hard when Ellie just wants to play with the ball. Hope you all have a great night! We are watching American Idol. Go Jordin! She's a former Kanakuk Kamper so we have to cheer for her. She's also incredible at 17!

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cassie said...

i always love what you have to say. the girls are lucky to have you and mike! by the way what kind of double stroller is that? do you like it?