Saturday, April 7, 2007


My best friend Sarah from college experienced something this week that I cannot imagine going through ever. She was due to have her baby on April 15th. She went a little early and went into labor on April 4th. Sarah is so healthy and had a very great pregnancy. She was going to be a single mother. She accepted everything so well. She was so strong. She began to see how she could truly impact Alex's life. Sarah already has her Dental degree and is in Periodontal School at Univ. of St. Louis. So she ended up having a C-Section and her little boy Alex was born. Alex's little heart would not keep beating and he died shortly after being born. Mike and my family love Sarah so much. She's like our sister and my parents other daughter. We've walked through so many great and difficult times together. Her family is so wonderful. We went to Hilton Head, SC a few years back and enjoy them so much. They have been so awesome for Sarah through this journey. I am leaving tomorrow for Illinois to attend baby Alex's memorial. It will be on Monday morning. Please, pray for Sarah and her family. She already has been such a testimony for Christ by her perspective that Alex is in Heaven. Many of her doctors, friends, etc... have seen Christ shine brightly through her. I know that one day her story and Alex's life will impact many. It has already impacted me in a tremendous way. I am so thankful for my two girls. Anyways, please continue to pray for Sarah. I will return on Wednesday. Pray that Anna and I have a safe trip. Have a great Easter. Jesus truly is our hope.

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cassie said...

Praying for you right now as you may be leaving the scene. I pray you can be a rock in a time of crisis, to someone who sounds like they are doing well.
Miss you guys!
In Him,

Trevor Oakes