Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little Anna.....

Anna turns 3 tomorrow and I wanted to post some pictures of her early days. I don't remember that much of her baby stage. Ellie was 18 months old when she was born and we moved to TX when she was 6 months old so there was A LOT going on. She has been the most tiny of the Shelton girls. She is still small, but very mighty! She weighed 15 lb. 15 oz. at year and 22 lbs. at 2 years old. I don't know what she will be at 3. She is one sweet little girl who makes us laugh all the time. We love you sweet Anna and I am so glad you are our little girl!

Anna 6 months old!
We used the double stroller all the time!
Daddy and the girls at a beach house in NC right before we moved to TX. Anna was 4 months.
Sweet sisters!
Anna always looked like such a doll baby cause she was so tiny. Ellie was about 20 months.
Anna at 2 months!

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jenny said...

so blessed holly with now 3 sweet little girls. happy bday anna!