Saturday, January 23, 2010

Big Girl....

Showing her new boots off!
Showing her "new" tooth!
Love that smile!

Ellie is 4 1/2 years old and is for sure becoming a big girl. I love having a 4 year old. She is independent in so many things, but still loves to be with mommy and daddy. These are some things about Ellie:
She loves playing with friends and going to preschool. She has always been this way. I never remember her ever crying when dropped off at the nursery or with friends.
She loves to ask questions as in all day! Her favorite one right now is to ask me "How old are you, mommy"? She knows the answer, but still asks it all the time. She also wants to know when she will be 15 or 6.
She loves to play outside with Anna doing all kinds of crazy things.
She takes gymnastics once a week and loves it so much.
She loves to have a babysitter and asks me frequently if a babysitter can come over.
She loves to sing and our favorite song right now is on the North Point church live cd.
Her favorite color is blue and anytime she draws something it has to be with blue.
She still loves Mary and entertains her a lot during the day.
She loves going on outings with just mom or dad. She really can tell when Anna and Mary are not with us. She tries to arrange it so they stay home.
She has super curly hair and gets lots of compliments on it.
She is still pretty small, but seems to be catching up with some kids. She wears 3T clothes.

Ellie is such a sweet, friendly little girl. She has a very calm personality and not much makes her upset. We love her so much!

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