Thursday, February 4, 2010

Anna's 3rd Birthday Party!

Anna turned 3 and her birthday finally came! The girls have been anticipating this day for months. They play birthday party all the time and Anna was so excited. I am soooo not the birthday party planner where everything is cute with lots of crafts. We had her party at a gymnastics place and it was awesome. They had 2 teachers who led the kids in games, trampoline, obstacle course, and lots of other fun activities. I only had to bring the cupcakes and drinks. It was so easy and low stress. It was so fun to see all the kids really enjoy themselves and for the parents to be able to talk with one another! I am so thankful for Anna and what an amazing little girl she is becoming each day. We also survived her being 2 which was quite a year full of discipline, potty-training, and all of those fun things that happen when you are 2 years old!

Anna with her good friend Grayson. I love his face!

Gretchen and I with Preston and Mary. They are one month apart.

Everyone loved the trampoline.

Anna loved the parachute!

Big sister loves to party!

Mary loves her Daddy!

Anna and Jack or (Jackman as she calls him)

Ellie and Anna with their good friend Carsen
All of the kids stretching listening to their teachers!

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Kelly Via said...

Oooh looks like fun!! One of Cana's friends had a bday party at their gymnastics place, and it was a blast!! I bet all the kids LOVED it! Happy birthday Anna!!!