Saturday, January 30, 2010

I can't forget...

Anna this morning was dressed in a night gown, shirt, and headband.
Mommy: Anna that is a pretty outfit.
Anna: I am a teacher
Mommy: What are you teaching today?
Anna: I am teaching kids new skills.
Mommy: Really, what kind of skills?
Anna: Pink skills and purple skills.

I have no idea where she learns these words, but I laugh often at her vocabulary these days.
Today, is her birthday party even though her birthday is on Monday. We are so excited to celebrate with her. I am a little worried as she keeps telling Ellie that she cannot come to her party and then Ellie cries. They are so kind to one another!


The Oakes said...

Oh, I wish she and Alaire could play together. Every time you ask Alaire anything the answer revolves around pink. Just last night she told me she was gong to go to her pink school and I asked how she would get there and she of course said she was going to drive a pink car. Hope the party is full of fun and no sibling tears!!

Tasha Via said...

That is really cute, LOL!