Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's been going on in TX.....

I've been such a blog slacker mainly because I can't find our camera charger so I can't upload pictures. I really need to find it soon before baby girl #3 makes her arrival! We've been really busy the last couple of weeks with all kinds of fun things.

* We found a used wooden swing set on Craig's List and got it for $100! It was such a great deal and the girls love it. We also did not have to put it together. Mike had a really long trailer and went with some friends to pick it up. It was a little scary hauling it back on a major interstate in Dallas. However, it all went great and it has provided so much fun for the girls and friends.
* I am 34 weeks preggo as of tomorrow. I go to the Dr. in the morning and will meet a new doctor. There are 3 guys in the practice and they are all wonderful so I really don't mind which one is there on the big day. I am feeling her move more mainly at night and still sleeping great. It is such a blessing to feel good at night and not be up half the night. I am getting pretty big and I think I will end up gaining the most weight with this baby, but it will be close. It will just depend on when she decides to come. I will say the third pregnancy has not flown by and it has been really hard on some days to have enough energy to get everything done.
* Mike decided to tile our kitchen floor over the weekend. I was not super excited at first mainly cause of the mess and our house being crazy for a few days. However, our friend Cory could help him over the weekend so we decided to go for it. We had slate floors before and they were not installed properly by the previous owners. Their were pieces that were starting to come up or break. The guys did a great job and we are all exhausted from long nights. I think the refrigerator will be out of our living room by Friday and I am so glad!
*I cannot believe the school year is almost over. Everything kind of slows down for us in the summer. Of course, we will have a newborn this summer, but it will still be fun to have a change of pace. Ellie and Anna will both go to VBS at the church where I teach pre-school right after my due date so that will be great. We are also looking at swimming lessons etc...
* Ellie and Anna will miss school so much this summer. They have LOVED it this year and their amazing teachers. Ellie can now spell her name (not write), but find the letters to spell it. Anna loves to paint and play with her friends. She has a super sweet teacher who loves to spoil her. It is really sweet and we have been so blessed.
* Mike is busy planning the students summer mission trip to Camp Barnabas. There is a waiting list of students wanting to go and it will be an awesome trip.

Anyways, we are about to watch Idol and our favorite is Kris Allen! It has been a really good season. Who is your favorite?!

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Katrina said...

Danny all the way! I like Kris as a close second though.