Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holy Week....

Easter is approaching quickly and the girls are trying to figure it all out. Oh they love bunnies, eggs, and candy! However, Ellie was singing Hosanna today in the car. I'm thinking she learned this at preschool? I haven't taught her that word as of yet.... I love that she has learned so much incredible truth at our preschool this year. We've been talking all about how we are celebrating Jesus and I hope to dye eggs with them as an illustration as well.

Tonight, my high school girls small group went through the holy week. We went through each day in the life of Jesus. It was really a great reminder of all Jesus did for us. The girls are in 10th grade and are amazing. They go to a really large public school in Dallas and are awesome examples to their friends at school. They've been together since sixth grade and we will stay together as a group till they graduate. I've learned so much from them and it is so neat for me to see different "girl" personalities as teenagers. I will have three of them at one time remember! I have triplet girls in our group and it is so fun to see their different personalities and gifts. They are so different and I can still see a birth order even though they are triplets. Well, I should probably get some sleep. Mike is at the Mavs game (lucky guy) and I am exhausted. I am now 31 weeks and am still feeling pretty good just a little uncomfortable.

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Tasha Via said...

Hey Holly, I wrote about what I've learned about the Christian analogy of Dying eggs today just for you=)