Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ellie Belly.....

The picture describes Ellie really well right now. She is full of life and love. She is a little over 3 1/2 years old. I am enjoying her very much right now especially the last 4 days cause she has taken a nap all 4 days. It is glorious. I love her much, but to have 1 hour of total quiet is amazing and whoever says room time is quiet has not experienced Ellie during room time! She is so much like her daddy. She is full of energy and really doesn't need a nap at all, but this pregnant momma does for sure. Here are some things I really want to remember about her during this stage of life:
* She is so loving and probably tells us all " I love you" at least 10 times per days.
* She loves to sleep with this one frog that we got at Myrtle Beach last summer.
* She enjoyed Easter a lot and kept us laughing when we thanked God for Jesus, the Easter Bunny, baskets, and hosanna all in one sentence.
* Her favorite things to do are play outside, draw, paint, sing (Hide them in your heart songs), pre-school, Anna, and play doctor.
* She loves her friends and talks about them all the time. She knows the routine of who will be at school or who will be at community group etc...
* She does not care at all about what she wears and still lets me pick out all of her clothes. She is still missing her front tooth from a chick fil a accident, but after 4 trips to the dentist she is getting a new one next week! She is not afraid of the dentist anymore which is really nice.
* She loves Anna so much and can't wait for her to wake up after naps.
* She is not to picky right now with eating, but some of her favorites are blackberries, oatmeal, bacon, chicken nuggets, yogurt smoothies, strawberries, any cookie, corn, and turkey.
* She has loved pre-school this year and her teacher. She talks about school ALL the time. She is still pretty small and for sure the tiniest one in her class. She now knows most of her letters and sounds, numbers, counting with fingers, and lots of fun songs.
* She has enjoyed ballet class, but I think we will try soccer in the fall when she is 4!

We love you so much Ellie. You are tons of fun at 3 1/2 and bless us so much!


The Oakes said...

Love that sweet little thing. I just don't know how she fits all of that spunk in that tiny little body of hers!!

amy said...

what a sweet post! abby is just the opposite... insistent on picking out her own clothes... i have to bribe her to get her to match! ;) love the pic of ellie... is that a CP dress? abby has the same one in pink! :)