Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Well, life is back to normal this week and I can say that it does make it so much easier with the kids. We are back to Bible Study this morning which is great for me! We are studying Galatians and 1/2 Thessalonians. I am really excited cause Mike told me he is going to the men's study at 6:30 in the morning which will be great cause we will be studying the same thing. Our church all studies the same thing and we also have a website that sends you daily Bible readings, questions etc... to go along with our weekly large group study. Anyone can sign up for it so if you are looking for something to study daily check out . The girls love getting to play with their friends at church and I love the time with other ladies! Anna went to the doctor yesterday for her 1 yr. appointment. It is such an experience to take both kids to the doctor. It would go so much better if the Dr. was in a hurry! We survived with 3 suckers and a few stickers. Anna got 4 shots and I found out she is cutting 4 molars which explains the fussiness. She weighed a whopping 15 lb. 15 oz. She is smaller than Ellie was at 1 by a few ounces. However, she is on the growth chart for height! She is at a really fun stage and is just about to walk. The girls are now sharing a room together every night. It works out really well. Anna goes to bed first, but Ellie knows that she can't cry anymore when we put her to bed! She loves having Anna in the room with her. I can picture them in a few years in bunk beds or a trundle. I am really glad that they are close in age for the reason that they will always have a playmate etc....It is neat to think that they will probably share a room for the next 17 years! Tomorrow, I am taking Ellie to the dentist for the first time. I wouldn't take her so early , but I think she has a chipped tooth. Has anyone taken their 2 yr. old to the dentist? It is a pediatric clinic so that should help. I hope you are all doing well and walking in the grace of Christ. It has been so evident to me lately and I am so thankful for my Savior. This is a recent picture of Anna from her 1st birthday. She was not very smiley cause she was not feeling well.

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davidcatherinewilson said...

okay that cracks me up. Both my boys weighed almost 18 pounds at 2 months! She is super cute! Our boys just started sleeping together this week too- n bunk beds. They are surpringly doing good.