Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ellie and Anna on Vday!

We tried for a "sister picture" again and they are so hard to get a good one. However, I love their expressions in these pictures. We had a good Valentine's day even though the girls had no clue. Ellie picked out a Spiderman valentine chocolate that she thoroughly enjoyed. We had a great day.
* I just got back from the gym and I normally just do the treadmill. However, I am noticing that I need to tone up some. I went to a class called Core Central. OUCH! It was really good though and I think I might go again on Friday. I am so clueless on the step moves. I look like so uncoordinated, but oh well. We're off to the library this afternoon. Have a great day!


amy said...

Ok Holly... I think that in these pics Ellie and Anna actually don't look as much alike as I once thought! I think Ellie looks just like Mike and Anna definitely has your smile! Oh, and on your post about teething... all my mom friends at church are convinced that giving their little ones drops of liquid chammomile (you can buy it with the vitamins at walmart) soothes the teething irritation. By the time I learned about it, Abby was past teething but I definitely have some on hand for when Josiah enters that stage! :)

The Oakes said...

i love the valentine pictures! what makes them so great is that you can tell that they LOVE one another bunches. and i know ive said it before a few times but tx just isn't close enough! you are right they would be the best of buds and it would be awsome to have friends like you all so near again.