Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Favorite Things....

Well, I just saw that Oprah's favorite things episode is on today. I love this episode and I think I've been able to watch it the past couple of years. I will never be able to purchase any of these things, but it does get me excited for a few Christmas presents. I will for sure be watching at 4:00 today while the kids are asleep and I'm sure millions of other SAHM will be joining me! If I could make a "wish list" of my own this year these would be a few items...I'd be curious to hear what would be on your list. It would be a blog topic if you are running out of them like me.
1.) A nice big purse (aka not from target)!
2.) New black and brown shoes. I tend to wear the same ones everyday and they are not in style I don't think. However, the ones that are in style (the ballerina slipper look) I'm not sure that I like them cause you don't wear socks with them and my feet are oh so white.
3.) Jewelry (once again not from Target) I love it, but never wear it cause it is so expensive to buy.
4.) House stuff
5.) A complete day off where it is all about me ha ha! I'm not selfish or anything.
Okay, better go both kids are now crying!

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the broomes said...

So...I missed this episode although, I too, really enjoy watching and envisioning what it would really be like to own/purchase some of these extravagant items. I did hear that it was actually filmed in MACON!!!! Can you believe it?!!?? I could have gone and gotten all of Oprah's favorite things!!! How crazy is that!!!? Yeah...Fred and I were really bummed. Oh well...what would us SAHMs do with a $700 jacket anyways (and how sad would it be when it got PB&J on it!:))