Sunday, November 4, 2007

Do we look like Texans?

Every year the high school ministry does an event called "The Draw". It is a ranch party about an hour from Dallas. There is a family at Watermark that owns some land and has built a really neat "barn house" that they let us use. The night was really fun cause there were hayrides, smores, a mechanical bull, and lots of country dancing. I ended up taking the kids and they did really good. Ellie loved seeing all of the students and of course the country music. It was a great opportunity for the students to invite their friends to a really fun event!

What do you think of Mike's hat?

Anna's First Dance!

Ellie and Mike having some two step fun!


amy said...

Precious! Ellie's hair looks so cute and wavy with her red bow... and Anna's first dance is so sweet! It looks like you all are adjusting well! Are settled in and unpacked yet?! Miss you!

The Oakes said...

looks like you all are having tons of fun already. mike looks like a natural cowboy and ellie is so precious

Stephanie said...

Love it! Love the new "10 gallon hat" on he just needs some "ropers" to wear with it! Ellie looks adorable, as do you Holly...I think Texas is agreeing with you!