Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life Lately....

Well, I have been so bad at updating the blog lately, but with no pictures it just doesn't seem fun. However, it is September and we've had a few "cool" days which makes me so very happy. It was 109 a couple of weeks ago and it just felt depressing outside. I have lots to update, but thought I would just update the best I can and then give more detailed updates soon!
  • The best thing happened today as many of you know my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer back in June. He's been through quite a few rounds of chemo. He had scans done yesterday and met with his doctor today for the results. The doctor only had good news! All of the different areas of cancer looked so much better and some of the tumors had shrunk in size. My dad was able to play golf and go back to work a few days this week. We are all thanking God for this awesome news. I will write a post about it all soon.
  • The other great thing that happened this week was we sold our house. Well, I guess it is now under contract, but it all looks like it will go through. We've been on this journey for well over 6 months of processing it and then deciding to sale at the first of June. There are many reasons, but the main one is to get the girls into an elementary with many other Watermark kids. It will be so neat to see them grow up together and just have that support at our school. We spoke with a teacher tonight at the elementary school Ellie could possibly attend. It was so encouraging to hear from her and to hear her excitement in knowing that their are so many upcoming Watermark members at her school.
  • The sad thing is the house we loved sold last week. We are now back to searching and so far we've not found much. We are trying to network with so many people in the neighborhood, school, pta, church friends, etc... to see if any new houses might be coming up in the next couple of weeks. We know God has a plan and are excited to see it unfold.
  • I will do a post soon of trying to sale your house with 3 children under 5. It was quite the experience and let just say I have not cleaned all week and it feels soooo good. It is also very messy tonight and I'm sitting on the couch enjoying it.
  • Everything starts back next week so our lives will be much more busy. I am excited for routine and to get back into Wednesday morning Bible study, preschool, community group etc...
  • Student ministry events started back on August 22nd and it is going great. I love seeing Mike at work. He loves it and God is doing some neat things already this school year. My small group that I co-lead are now seniors. They are such awesome girls who've been so committed since 6th grade. It is really neat to see a group of girls be together for that long. We've also added 2 girls this year and they've been great at being authentic with each other.
I will do a kid update soon. It is sad that I haven't blogged Ellie's 5th birthday. She's really starting to mature and is at such a fun age. Anna is enjoying all things girl and makes us laugh quite often with her curiosities. Mary is 15 months and still seems so young to me. She's standing up, but not taking any steps so far. She's so sweet and a funny little girl.

God has blessed us with a great end to a difficult summer. I continue to be reminded that I am glad that our house was built upon the rock. It has been a summer full of storms and life just being hard. He has truly sustained us.


jenny said...

Thanks for the update on your dad, that is WONDERFUL news!! And yay that your house sold. Miss you girls!

the broomes said...

We are praying for your dad, Holly. I'm so glad to hear the good update! I'm sure that he was pumped to get to work and play golf! We loved seeing y'all a few weeks back- thanks so much for coming down. Our Annas are serious double trouble:) Love you!