Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Ellie!

Katrina and I co-hosted the swim party
Katrina and I with our kiddos. Canon's 2nd birthday and Ellie's 5th
Love all of these people!
Mike, Ellie, and her new friend Maya
3rd year in a row for a pool party. What else do you do in TX in August?
Ellie and her best bud Emerson and her sister Rylie.
Love my family and celebrating Ellie

I am so behind on the blog, but is is still 90 degrees in Texas so a pool party blog post felt okay! We had Ellie's 5th birthday at a local pool and shared the party with the Saugier family. They were celebrating Canon's 2nd birthday. It worked out great cause Ellie and Canon both loved the Toy Story theme. Katrina and I think alike on parties as in keep them simple. We were fine with sam's club cupcakes, capri sun's and balloons. We love this family and are beyond blessed to call them friends.
Ellie is one sweet 5 year old. She's really maturing and I am so glad that I did not start her in Kindergarten. I would really miss her all day and I think she will do awesome next year being the oldest in her class. She's such a fun kid and so laid-back. She never meets a stranger and gets along really well with people. She's developing a heart for God and loves to tell us how Jesus would act. She enjoys being with friends and preschool/church are her favorite days of the week. I let them pick one activity each semester and she really wanted to do tap dance! I found a class that was ballet, tap, and gymnastics all in one hour. It is perfect cause E and A get to be in the same class. She still loves Mary and is super sweet with her. She begs me to wake up Anna and Mary during their naps so she can play with them. However, we have a good time resting together and the house being quiet which is very rare. Ellie is very even tempered and happy with almost anything I give her to wear or eat She loves to travel and she got to go on quite a few trips over the summer to GA and all by herself to KS to visit Mimi! She will be an excellent Kanakuk Kamper in just a few years!
Ellie we are so proud of you and can't believe you are 5 years old. We love you so much!

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Kelly Via said...

Happy Birthday Ellie!! Looks like a great party!!