Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Mary

Well, my sweet Mary turned one years old on June 4th. It has been a fabulous year with her. I feel like I really enjoyed her baby stage so much cause I know how quickly it goes by. I was laid back with her and she developed that personality as well. She has the best smile and loves people. She's yet to cry when I drop her off anywhere and will still go to whoever! She started to really crawl and pull up this month. She is everywhere now and I need to baby proof our house. She loves to be around her sisters and puts up with them pretty well. She loves the water and I am so glad cause we are spending a lot of time at the pool this summer. We had her party at a pool and it was so fun. She's a pretty good eater and is still drinking milk out of a cup. Even though nursing her exclusively for 11 months was difficult. It taught me so much about not being selfish and how to be a servant in the midst of chaos a.k.a 3 kids under 4:). These are some of my favorite pictures over the past few months. We love you, Mary


Kelly Via said...

Oh my! Can you believe that it's that time already!! Mary starts the first of many 1st birthdays in our, Karis will be 1 in a month, followed by three cousins! I can remember reading your pregnancy blogs; knowing that once Mary was here, it was MY turn to have sweet Karis. Goodness, how time flies!

Happy 1st birthday, sweet Mary!

Stacy Scott said...

Happy Birthday Mary!!! What great photos of a beautiful sweet girl!

Tasha Via said...

Good grief! A year old already?!