Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've had two situations since Sunday that have really given me perspective on how blessed I am in my life. The first occurred on Sunday. We mentor a student who lives in West Dallas in Gov't housing and we normally take them to church with us on Sunday's. Well, Mike had another mentor call him to see if we could pick up his student cause he was out of town and DeAngelo hated to miss church. We pick up Kaylin and DeAngelo off the 4th floor cause they had been to Jr. High ministry and they are having so much fun. We take them to CiCi's and DeAngelo was the most polite boy. He is kind of heavy with big brown eyes and I kept telling Mike he reminded me of Michael Orr from the Blind Side. He loved his pizza and quickly said thank you. They go back to Watermark on Sunday nights for a Bible Study. We normally take the boys home after church and someone else takes/picks them up for Sunday night. We decide just to bring them home with us and then Mike would take them to the Apple Store at the mall cause they love his IPhone!
We bring them in and DeAngelo quickly tells me how much he likes our house. He comments on our double oven and commented that is so neat you can use one for dinner and one for cookies. He asked me how big our t.v. was cause you know it has to be big for March Madness Basketball:) I tell him and he tells me his mom has one that she pays $50 a month for in rent and that is almost paid for.
It really showed m how blessed I am to raise my girls in a house with a yard where it is safe.

The second time was tonight at church. Mike spoke to our young adult ministry which is like young 20-30 somethings who are single and I am so not in the crowd so it is funny when someone asks me "how long have you been coming to the porch?" and I say that I have 3 kids and have been married for 9 years. Anyways, I was picking the girls up from childcare and their are a few divorced parents that attend. A mom was picking up her 4 kids and told me how great Mike did tonight. She has a 6,4, 2, and 1 year old. I ask her how long she has been coming to Watermark and she says 2 months. She said the single parent ministry is what brought her and that her husband left her with 4 kids and she is now living with her parents. They are sending her back to school. I just cannot imagine having 4 kids all by myself without Mike. It is amazing what draws people to Watermark, but one thing for sure is that it is authentic and they feel loved like Christ would love them.

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the broomes said...

wow-- those 2 experiences would definitley give perspective. That's really great that y'all are involved in that mentorship. Is that thru Watermark? How cool for your girls to see you ministering as a family to kids whose lives are so different. ...And yes- I completely agree; everytime Fred goes out of town (even for a weekend) I am reminded that I am SO thankful that I have a loving and helpful husband!