Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day and the lake...

We had a great Memorial Day weekend and a fun trip to the lake from Monday to Wednesday. We had some good friends come to visit from Missouri and a family from our church are so sweet to let us use their lake house. The girls love it here and I love this lake. It is small and surrounded by pine trees. It is very quiet there and so nice to be out of the city. The girls are not to fond of swimming in the lake, but they will ride the jet ski. Mike and I love to drive them as well. Shadow also enjoyed a dip in the lake and loved to chase us on the jet skis. What a great time away and the weather was perfect as in the lake feels like bath water!

Loves a lifejacket as long as it is pink.
A big step for Ellie to conquer this fear.
Shadow has turned out to be an excellent dog.
Love spending time with Mike at the lake.
Mary's first swim of the summer at a crawfish boil we went to prior to the lake.

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Baby Blues and Wrestling Moves said...

I can't believe Mary is one! Looks like you guys are staying cool and enjoying the Summer!