Thursday, May 20, 2010

beach day....

We broke up our trip to Disney and spent a day at Daytona Beach. The weather was perfect and it was a blast. It was very relaxing after the lines, heat, and crowds of Disney. We've been to Daytona a few times while we lived on the East Coast so it all seemed familiar to us. It was fun to go back there and take the girls. Ellie loved it and could not get enough of the sand and water. Anna enjoyed it, but was really afraid the waves would take her out to the sea. She was afraid for any of us to get to close. We also spent time at the pool that is a part of the timeshare. It was a great day!

We love the beach and each other!
Anna loves her daddy
Mike was brave enough to let the girls bury him in the sand.
Anna sat in the shade with me... smart girl!
Ellie loved playing in the waves and jumping over them.
Building sandcastles was fun!

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The Oakes said...

I love their swimsuits. Poor Ellis has never been to the beach. He is sitting beside me asking if they are playing in the mud. :)