Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's been happening in TX!

Easter Sunday was wonderful. We had an awesome service at Watermark. We attended the 9:30 service and there were 3 on Sunday morning. The one on Saturday night was completely full and so was the 9:30. It was really awesome to see the hope we have in the Resurrection and to celebrate with our church family. We celebrated with 3 Easter Egg hunts as well. We had one with our preschool ministry at Watermark, our preschool party, and while Mike was away fishing I took the girls to one at a local church. They love the thrill of the hunt and opening the eggs. They don't love candy, but do love to open it. We had some crazy messes and all eggs have been thrown away. Anna was funny cause she would only pick up the pink eggs so her basket was full of pink! Here are some pictures from our church hunt:

Anna and her best bud Grayson. They are 3 weeks apart and together a lot!
Anna and Grace. She is our neighbor and classmate at school!
Ava Morrison (Julia's for all my NC readers)... she cracks me up and she will be a big sis to another little girl. 18 months apart is so fun!

Ellie loves to hunt eggs and likes them to be difficult to find!

Mike's fishing trip

Mike got to go on a fishing trip to Port Aransas, TX. I have no idea where it is, but that they flew into corpus christi. I am guessing it is a long ways from Dallas and is on the gulf of mexico. We've only traveled to San Antonio once since we've lived here so we don't know much about Texas besides Dallas. He loved it and so enjoyed his time with Jake and his dad. Jake is in our student ministry and we love his family. We got to go over to their house on Easter Sunday night to enjoy some yummy fish that they caught.

Ellie got to go on a wonderful trip to Kansas to visit her Mimi and Granddaddy. Her Mimi flew to Dallas to pick her up and flew back with her. It was so sweet of her and Ellie loved it! She will for sure be the kid who will go to summer camp (Kanakuk!) and never miss us at all. She loves new adventures and is not shy at all. She cried cause she did not want to leave Kansas. She got to do so many fun things like swimming at the indoor pool, museums, grocery shop, Easter Egg Hunt, meet new friends at the park, play with Uncle Dave and Leeanna, eat yummy food and drink chocolate milk. She loves to inform me that I need to go to the store to get her real chocolate milk and that I do not make it very good. She was there for 5 days and loved every minute. Anna, Mary, and I had a great time as well with some extra bonding time. It is sooo interesting to see how they behave differently when they are not together. Mike and I really enjoyed our time with Anna and getting to love on her extra special.

Mary is doing great and I will do a separate post on her soon. I am trying to wean her cause my milk is running out and she has 4 teeth etc... It is time and I am a little sad, but know that our 10 months of no bottles was quite the journey. I was not sure what to wean her to since she has only had b-milk for 10 months and has refused everything else especially a bottle. I read online about trying vanilla pediasure cause it has more calories than whole milk and is sweet tasting unlike formula which she gags on every time. I also bought a special nuk sippy cup that was for 6 month olds and she took to it great! I was really praying cause we have a trip to Disney coming up and I really did not want to take her. I love her lots, but she would not enjoy it cause she loves her sleep! My mom has offered to watch her if I can get her weaned! I think I can do it in a month. She eats food great so that is really helpful. She is still a really happy, laid back baby and I am so glad. She is so sweet and you can't help, but smile at her all day!


The Oakes said...

I hope it works for Mary!! I don't know how you have done it for this long. Sounds like a fun Easter. How fun for Ellie to take a special trip!

Sudeepta said...

Happy Easter and what cute photos they are i think you enjoyed it sio much.
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