Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blue Lightning...

Ellie and her teammates
Poor Mary.. It has been so windy at the games.
Silly Ellie.. she's happy to be there!

Ellie is on her first soccer team this year through our city parks and rec. Mike is the coach and doing a great job. Our team is the blue lightning and since Ellie's favorite color is blue it works out great. The arrange the teams according to your neighborhood school so all of the kids live close to us. Most of them speak spanish and Mike is not quite sure how much they understand. They are such sweet kids and it has been a fun season so far. Ellie thinks they have one every game and that she scores 3 goals. We have a few more games so I will have to get some on video.

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Stephanie said...

Cute! Travis cannot wait until he can do that with Ava! He will love it!!