Saturday, April 10, 2010

For the record....

I don't want to forget these stats:
Ellie scored her first goal of the season in soccer and she was so excited! It happened that Luis a teammate of Ellie's kicked the ball down the field and Ellie followed him. When they got closer to the goal Ellie got the ball and kicked it in for the goal! She was so excited and has been talking about it all day. After, the game she said "mommy, I did not sit down or pick flowers during the game"! She wanted to tell daddy all about it. Mike was away for the weekend so I got to coach. It was quite the experience and it is a good thing I was a P.E. major in college!

Mary's 10 month stats:
Weight: 15lb. 6 oz. (-5%)
Height: 25 1/2 in. (5%)

She also started to sit up this month and is starting to crawl. She's not to fast yet, but I'm sure she will be everywhere soon! She's still taking a sippy cup and I feel like a new woman!


Kelly Via said...

Way to go Ellie!! I love her little quote after the game - so sweet!!

Little petite Mary - all of your girls have been tiny!! It's such a contrast to our chunky girls...especially Cana and her chart topping 90+ percentiles! Wowee! Karis is starting to army crawl and roll, so she is on the move as well!

the broomes said...

Nice job, coaching mommy!!! We are thinking about putting Joshua in soccer in the fall. I think that he would really like it.
And how 'bout tiny little Mary?! So sweet. We are getting lots of hand-me-downs from Anna Bell's friends from what they wore last year; there are definitely advantages to being the smallest!:)