Saturday, December 12, 2009


We had a family from church offer us their dog. Mike loves dogs and I am okay with them as long as I have little responsibility over them. Our last dog was a pretty bad/strange dog. He got dropped off at the pound before we made the big move from NC to TX! The girls love dogs and always are asking for a puppy. I would love to have a cute little Shitzu or Yorkie, but with the barking etc... I realized that might not be a good idea with 3 kids.
We did a 10 day trial with Shadow to see how she did with the kids and if we liked her. She is the best dog. She is really obedient, doesn't bark, sleeps in a crate, gentle, etc...Ellie and Anna LOVE her! Anna especially has bonded with Shadow. They love to walk her around the yard with a leash. Shadow has even gotten to go down the slide. Shadow has gotten stickers put on her and all kinds of other exciting things. Mike needed a dog with all the pink around here. We thought Shadow was a boy, but sure enough Mike now lives with 5 girls!


The Oakes said...

I hope it works out better this time around! Let us know. Our Eli was send to the farm recently, he was a weirdo dog too. Maybe we will try again in a few years.

Kelly Via said...

So you guys are dog people again, huh??

Mixed feelings?? Haha, I am sure you guys will love her...just not the hair, right!!?

She looks like a sweet doggie, and she will have fun with the kids!!