Friday, November 6, 2009

Quotes from Anna

Anna is talking so much these days almost as much as her big sis. Ellie pretty much does not stop talking unless she is asleep. Anyways, Anna has a lot going on in her mind. Here are a few:
" One day mommy I will get a white car and I will drive it very fast"
" I want my own stage and I will sing and do ballet on it"
" Ellie you cannot come to my pink castle. I am the princess!"
" I want Angelina (ballerina) to come to my party and go to my dance class"
" I will not say sorry" (hear that one a little to often)
"Trick or Treat, Smell my feet"

She is for sure becoming more independent and although the days are long she melts my heart so often!

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Tasha Via said...

I like the one where she tells Ellie that she can't go in her castle. That so sounds like something Areyna would say to Zeke, HA!