Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fall Happenings...

I wish I had pictures to show for October, but I never have Mike's computer which has all of our pictures on it! It was a really fun month full of lots of fun and long days...
In no particular order....
* Mary got put on prevacid for her spit up issues! I am so thankful and on some days I think it is working on other days my shirt is soaked and there is spit up all over our house.
* Mary's 5 month stats are 11lb. 5oz and 23 1/2 inches long. She's a petite one just like her big sisters.
* Ellie loves to sound out letters and ask me what all kind of words start with and then she will sound out the word!
* Anna is so into dress-up and playing princess Anna. She pretty much thinks she is the queen of the Shelton home. However, sometimes I have to remind her who is on the throne. There has been LOTS of discipline going on these days.
* Anna is loving preschool and loves that she only goes one day per week. She loves to stay home with mommy on Thursday and we go to playgroup with our friends. It is a special day just for her!
* Mike is telling the girls Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednigo (sp?) and they love it! He is a great story teller and a great daddy.
* We got to go on a fun date with our good friends from our community group.
* Watermark hosted a community group leaders conference. We got to stay at the Embassy Suites for a night and learn more about community. We love our church and how they value community groups.
* The High School ministry hosted its annual Country Western Party called The Draw. It was super fun and a great outreach to high school students. Every student had on boots. We've never lived in a state where any students had a pair of boots! Mike had quite the outfit on that I will have to try and find a picture of his cowboy gear.
* We've played outside a lot this month since the rain stopped. The girls still love the $75 swing set we got off of Craigs List. They come up with all kinds of games to play on it.
* Daylight Savings Time was pretty rough and I think we have a new schedule of getting up at 6:30 and going to bed at 7:00. I don't know if I like it, but it is starting to feel like normal.
*We are mentoring a little girl in West Dallas which is the 11th poorest neighborhood in the U.S.. Our church is supporting an elementary school there and many families are mentoring a child. Our little girl, Nekeiya is in 4th grade and is such a sweet girl. We've been to her school for lunch, ice cream, and are looking forward to many more opportunities to show her God's love!
*Ellie is in Gymnastics once a weekand Anna takes ballet once a week through our city's rec center. They both love it so much and it is neat to see them like different activities.

Hope you all are enjoying the fall! Christmas will be here before we know it!


dougb said...

i agree on who is on the throne. Anna is a princess but you are the queen....

Tasha Via said...

I love to hear these updates. It's crazy how we don't get to ever talk, but I love how we can keep up on each other's lives here in the blogosphere! I am so glad you all are happy where you are and have found your place! Your girls are beautiful and I love watching them grow up. Maybe one day we'll be able to meet the whole family=)